Will our bodies forget how to make glutathione?

by Cathy
(Perth Australia)

The Human Body—God’s Masterpiece

The Human Body—God’s Masterpiece

If one is taking MaxGXL for a long period of time, will your body stop trying to make glutathione eventually? Will it forget how to make glutathione?
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No, your body does not forget how to produce glutathione.

Furthermore, MaxGXL does not make glutathione.

MaxGXL does not take over our body's job of making glutathione.

MaxGXL simply provides the cells with glutathione precursors (building blocks). With more glutathione precursors available in our cell, our glutathione production goes up!

Once upon a time most people had enough glutathione precursors and thus, glutathione within the cells as needed. No outside help, like MaxGXL, was needed.

In our modern times, our stores of glutathione and their precursors are quickly depleted as we face more and more toxic environments in our everyday lives.

Our bodies simply cannot make glutathione fast enough to handle the demand. (Not to mention a lot of our food provides less nutrients than it used to.)

This is one of the reasons why after a certain age (research indicates in our 20's), our body produces less glutathione as we get older.

This is where products like MaxGXL are a wonderful solution for a modern day problem of rampant glutathione deficiency!


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