What has glutathione done for you? / Glutathione price versus MaxGXL

by Angela Brown
(U.S. Armed Forces, Germany)

Hello. I would like to know how long have you been using Glutathione and what benefits it has done for you personally?

I found Glutathione in a health store for a much lower price, what makes MaxGXL better please?

Thank you!



Hello Angela!

Great questions!

I first began two increase my glutathione levels about two years ago when I first learned about MaxGXL.

I hadn't even heard about glutathione before then. Now glutathione is becoming much more well known as there are many other products, including some potato chips that claim to have "glutathione" in them. Too funny!

I take MaxGXL every morning and afternoon and sometimes in the evening to give me that healthy energy boost to do all that needs to get done.

You can read all about what MaxGXL has done for me personally here: My "Max" experience

Yes, you may find a glutathione supplement that is cheaper than MaxGXL.

However, they are dramatically different.

First let me explain that you cannot "take" glutathione, because it is an endogenous antioxidant, meaning only your body can "make" glutathione.

So any glutathione supplements, regardless of price, are essentially worthless.

MaxGXL, on the other hand, IS NOT a glutathione supplement.

MaxGXL is a powerful nutritional product containing the building blocks that your body needs (in the exact amount and formulation), to make more glutathione within every single one of its TRILLIONS of cells!

To learn more about the different sources for glutathione, please go here: gluathione sources

MaxGXL is also scientifically-proven to work and has been given the strictest of patents, a compositional patent.

I hope this helps!


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