Transdermal Glutathione

transdermal glutathione

So what exactly is transdermal glutathione?

Transdermal simply means to administer a drug or nutrients through the skin, oftentimes through a patch or ointment.

Trans dermal glutathione, therefore, means administering glutathione via a glutathione patch, glutathione cream, glutathione spray, glutathione gel, glutathione lotion, etc. through layers of the skin.

There are many problems with trans dermal glutathione products.

First of all, it is delivering glutathione to your body via the skin, thereby bypassing the digestive system. That is good, however, as in intravenous glutathione, how much is actually absorbing into the trillions of cells in the body, is not known and questionable.

On top of that, it is also delivering actual glutathione to your body via the skin. It is not helping your body to make more glutathione within the cells.

Next glutathione, when put in gels or creams begins to decompose.

Some people say they feel better with trans dermal glutathione, while others say it made them feel sick and prefer intravenous glutathione.

However far superior to glutathione delivered transdermally or intravenously is when your body increased it's own glutathione production.

It is exciting to see the difference and how much better people feel when they begin taking a glutathione enhancing product, such as the best glutathione enhancers, which actually encourage one's own glutathione production within the cells as opposed to getting some glutathione from an outside source.

Bottom line:

1) Effectiveness--Questionable

2) Convenience--varies depending on which type of trans dermal application. (ex. patch or gel)

3) Side Effects--Minimal, possible rashes

4) Cost--Varies depending on brand and type(from $25.00(US) to over $100.00)

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