There Is Nothing That Compares To MaxGXL!

by Wendell Bulbaai
June 14, 2011
(Houston, Texas, U.S.A.)

Wendell Bulbaai

Wendell Bulbaai

I first began taking the MaxGXL in January 2010. I did not notice anything in the first month and I began to wonder if MaxGXL worked for everyone and even asked that question here.

Marisela explained to me how it was important to be consistent with taking the MaxGXL for at least three months. (Read what she explained here.)

So, despite feeling nothing my first month on MaxGXL, I kept taking the MaxGXL consistently and in the second month I noticed quite a few dramatic improvements.

First, my shoulder pain went completely away!

Then, having a demanding job in sales, I was happy to experience much more energy!

Reaching the 50's, I have been experiencing some symptoms related to a possible prostate enlargement, which is causing "dribbling at the end of urinating." It's very uncomfortable because I always have to stand there after urinating, waiting for it to finish. Men who struggle with "leaking" or "dribbling" know how frustrating this can be.

Two months after being on the MaxGXL, I noticed, all of a sudden, that there was no more dribbling. I thought at first that it was just a coincidence and decided to pay close attention each time I had to go. It was true, I didn't have to wait no longer. So.. I asked myself: "What happened? I'm not dribbling! This MaxGXL is working!" I was not expecting this so I was very happily surprised.

I continued taking MaxGXL for another month, (three months total) enjoying all the new benefits. Unfortunately, my finances got tighter and I stopped ordering and taking the MaxGXL.

A few weeks after, as my glutathione levels for sure start dropping again, my shoulder pain came back, my energy levels went down and the issue with dribbling came back.

It is now June 2011, and nothing else I have come across compares to MaxGXL. So, although, I am on unemployment (like so many across the country) I realize that I can no longer afford to put my health at risk.

I am back on the Max products. I'm more excited than ever with this glutathione product
I will post an update soon!

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Many benefits can be found in increased glutathione levels!
by: Marisela

Thank you Wendell for sharing your experience with MaxGXL!

Your experience is a perfect example of how many people do not feel anything until after the second or even third month of taking MaxGXL.

The increased glutathione goes to work immediately but that doesn't mean we all can "feel" it immediately! But by the third month, everyone has felt something, as long as they took it consistently EVERY DAY.

You patience and consistency paid off wonderfully in the second month for you experienced many benefits!

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