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Soon after, I first learned about glutathione, I asked about testing glutathione levels. I was curious and I assumed I could get a simple blood test to tell me exactly what my glutathione (GSH) levels were at the time.

I quickly learned it was not so simple.

You see, since glutathione is a fairly new discovery, and in fact, still very much unheard of and unknown, the blood tests needed to measure our gsh levels are not yet readily available. At this point in time, there is no simple, accurate, and inexpensive test for glutathione (gsh) levels.

Even Dr. Robert Keller, a triple-board certified physician and formulator of MaxGXL had to actually create a test to measure GSH levels since a highly accurate and timely test did not even exist!.

white blood cells, Testing Glutathione Levels

Dr. Keller knew that in order for the test results to accurately reveal one's current GSH levels, the test needed to measure the glutathione (GSH) levels inside of the white blood cells (lymphocytes).

white blood cells, Testing Glutathione Levels

Dr. Robert H. Keller got busy working in a state-of-the-art medical laboratory along with a whole team of scientists. They then succeeded in developing a proprietary lab test that accurately measures glutathione (GSH) levels inside the lymphocytes (white blood cells).

So an accurate test does exist BUT is obviously not readily available, highly inconvenient, and very expensive.

There are blood tests that cost anywhere from $200-$500 US dollars, but by the time they arrive at the laboratory, time has passed and blood cells have a high turnover rate that affects the accuracy, and obviously current measure of gsh levels.

There are several different types of blood tests and even some urine tests that can give you anywhere from a fairly accurate to a simple estimate of your GSH levels.

Some tests may be covered by private health insurance.

However, a highly accurate, timely and inexpensive glutathione (GSH) test does not yet exist.

For me, I know my glutathione levels are higher because I feel different, better. I have the higher energy, better sleep, even my skin feels different.

Although, It would be nice to be able to verify it on paper as further proof, that is really not feasible right now.

Until that changes, at this point in time, the money spent on a GSH test, I feel, would be money better spent getting healthier.

I know that the glutathione enhancing product that I am taking has already been proven to raise one's GSH levels by 292% in two months.

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