Testing Glutathione Level in the Body

by Ray
(San Clemente, California, U.S.A.)

Getting Blood Drawn For A Blood Test

Getting Blood Drawn For A Blood Test

How do I get a test to measure the amount of glutathione I currently have in my body; that is the base line amount so I can then tell, after taking MaxGXL, how effective MaxGXL is for me?


That is similar to a question I asked when first learning about MaxGXL and Glutathione.

There are tests available but they are notorious for being inaccurate. The more reliable tests are pricey beginning at a few hundred dollars and yet are still not fully reliable, although they can give you a good estimate.

They are available by asking your medical doctor to have a blood test to measure your current GSH levels.

However, considering many physicians still, to this day, do not even know about glutathione, they may not know have the best information regarding the testing for it.

Look for a doctor who is aware and knowledgeable about glutathione and then check if the testing is covered by your insurance (as a few tests are).

Hopefully as glutathione grows in popularity, accurate, current, and inexpensive tests will also become more readily available.

Until then, a somewhat accurate test will have to suffice. (At least some tests do exist).

I also would suggest to take a good inventory of your energy levels, sleeping patterns, stamina during workouts, etc. and note the changes a week later, two weeks later, a month later, etc.

Your own awareness of the improvements in your health will be your own personal record of increased GSH levels.

After you have been "on the max" for about 3-4 months at least, stop taking it for a few weeks and then you will also be able to experience lowering of your glutathione levels.

You can read more here about glutathione level tests:
Testing Glutathione Levels

Glad to be of service! ~Marisela

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