Swine Flu Video:
Swine Flu Propaganda And Dangerous Vaccine Exposed by 60 Minutes!

Swine Flu, Got Flu?

This swine flu video about the 1976 swine flu scare was filmed in 1979 by 60 minutes!

It originally aired on Sunday, November 4, 1979!

Funny how this "60 Minutes" expose' on the exaggerated swine flu scare and the deadly vaccine was only aired ONE TIME!

It reveals the lies and propaganda behind the whole Swine Flu scare! (sound familiar?)

Interestingly, the swine flu never killed the hundreds of thousands of people it was going to kill in the much feared so-called "pandemic", not even a couple hundred!

The Swine Flu vaccine, however KILLED 25 people and CRIPPLED thousands of others.

Sadly, very healthy and even very young people literally ended up as paraplegics!--all because of a vaccine!

I doubt 60 minutes would film something this honest about the swine flu in 2009! (Plus, there is much more "media control" now)

Also, the vaccine was voluntary in 1976 (as it should always be voluntary). People were highly encouraged to "roll up your sleeve, America!"

Today, in 2009, there is talk of "mandatory" swine flu vaccinations!

Obama (after being elected) has gone on record to say he supports mandatory vaccinations!

He has already spent billions of taxpayer's money in preparation for swine flu vaccines, so then he can order the forced vaccinations of highly dangerous toxins to those very same taxpayers and their children.

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