Sugar Shane Mosley takes MaxGXL and then wins most impressive victory and the WBA Welterweight Title!!

Sugar Shane Mosley Takes Max and Wins!

History was made by Sugar Shane Mosley on Saturday, January 23, 2009, in front of a huge audience at the Staples Center in Anaheim, California!

In fact, it was the biggest audience to fill the Staples Center for a sporting event! The audience included Lakers' Kobe Bryant, our Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger, and Boxer Oscar De La Hoya!

Mosley Knocked out Antonio Margarito in the ninth round to claim the WBA welterweight title! His most dynamic win in over half a decade! We are so proud of our local boy from Pomona, California!!

It has been said that our winning local boy has "turned back the clock!" Well, his secret is none other than the MaxGXL! That's right! This Championship boxer along with his father, Jack, are both taking the patented glutathione accelerator, MaxGXL.

And as far as that, "turning back the clock" comment goes, well, it's actually true! The latest scientific studies prove that by ingesting MaxGXL you are increasing the levels of the hormones that keep you young (such as DHEA and HGH). Go here to see the scientifically-proven studies. Congratulations to our new WBA Welterweight title holder!

And Congratulations to all of you who have made the wise decision of making MaxGXL a regular part of your daily routine!

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