Should I Take MaxGXL with or without food?

MaxGXL capsules in packet

MaxGXL capsules in packet

Should I take Max GXL with food or without?

How much water should you take after swallowing the MaxGXL?


You can take the MaxGXL on an empty stomach, right before a meal, during a meal, or even after a meal.

It is effective any of those ways.

It is more a matter of preference and convenience than of effectiveness.

I like to take 3 capsules of MaxGXL and my Max N-Fuze early in the morning, on an empty stomach, soon after I wake up.

Some people like to take it during or after a meal.

Drink as much water with your MaxGXL capsules as is comfortable for you.

I take mine with a big glass of purified, hexagonal water.

Remember though, to increase your water intake throughout the day as the MaxGXL will release toxins. You need lots of water to carry those toxins OUT of your body!

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