Scott Nagasawa, Pharm D.
Co-Founder, Cellgevity, Inc.

Scott G. Nagasawa, CellGevity, Max International Scott Nagasawa received his Doctor of Pharmacy degree from the University of Southern California (USC) and is a registered pharmacist.

He spent over a dozen years at a 400-plus bed tertiary teaching hospital in Los Angeles, California, affiliated with the University of Southern California.

At the time of his departure, Scott was the Director of Pharmaceutical Services.

During this period, Scott G. Nagasawa held the position of Clinical Instructor of Pharmacy Practice at USC and was later promoted to Adjunct Assistant Professor of Pharmacy Practice.

Scott transitioned into the business side of his profession and joined a regional pharmacy as their Vice President of Pharmacy Services.

He was instrumental in the planning and implementation of a strategic business plan transforming the company from a regional to a nationwide pharmacy service provider with revenues exceeding $60 million annually.

At the time of his departure, Mr. Nagasawa held the position of Senior Vice President of Professional Services responsible for nursing and pharmacy operations.

He left to become partner in a small home infusion service provider and helped develop and implement a business plan that resulted in rapid growth.

The company was sold to a large pharmacy provider in California. He remained with the company as V.P. of Operations and at the time of his departure, the monthly revenue had grown by roughly 40 times.

This revenue growth occurred over his four and a half year stay with the company.

Scott then left to join CellGevity, and served full-time as the Chief Technical Officer (CTO).

As CTO, Scott G. Nagasawa, is responsible for product registration, company certifications, regulatory practices, safety studies, technical sales support and the development and reviewing of product documentation.

Here is what Scott G. Nagasawa has to say about the new relationship of CellGevity with Max International in taking glutathione to the world through network marketing:

Scott G Nagasawa, Pharm D. Co-Founder, Cellgevity, Inc.

"Well, we at CellGevity started the company based on technology in promoting glutathione.

We understood that Max International had a nutritional supplement that also promoted glutathione production.

Glutathione is a very powerful antioxidant that really promotes good health but the story behind glutathione is a very complicated story and network marketing probably provides the best channel in order to communicate this to the consumer.

So we met with Max International, we saw that they had the integrity and the passion and really understood glutathione and its role in promoting good health.

So, we find that this alliance is a very synergistic relationship as we move forward." ~Scott G. Nagasawa, Pharm D. as he spoke on the CellGevity Announcement Video.

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