Obesity And Glutathione

Obesity and glutathione affect one another quite distinctly.

Everyone knows that obesity affects the body's health in many negative ways, but did you know that obesity actually LOWERS your glutathione levels?

(As if we needed another reason to maintain an ideal body weight, right?)

Several studies have shown that obesity leads to higher oxidative stress which in turn depletes glutathione levels. This has also been the case for children.

(And the worse the obesity: Severly Obese, Morbidly Obese, the greater the oxidative stress and even lowered glutathione levels!)

Then the lowered and depleted glutathione levels contribute to poor liver function and poor cellular metabolism which can lead to even greater weight gain and greater obesity.

So the lowered glutathione levels contribute to obesity and the obesity contributes to lowered glutathione levels. And round and round we go...

So what to do?

This is where glutathione supplementation is greatly needed. By supplementing with glutathione you help stop this cycle.

Finally, Obesity and glutathione are related in another exciting way! You see, one of the reasons for excess fat on the body is to hold toxins. Toxins that, if not safely stored away in fat, would be free to cause damage throughout the body.

So by increasing glutathione you will detoxify many toxins and chemicals. As those toxins leave the body, the excess fat is no longer needed and the body releases fat much more easily! 

The increased glutathione will:

- Greatly improve metabolism

-Neutralize oxidative stress

-Detoxify body of heavy metals

-Detoxify body of toxins, chemicals, and other carcinogens

-Detoxify liver and cells

-improve liver function and efficiency

-lower the bad cholestorol (yes there is good cholesterol, such as is found in the incredible, edible egg )

-Help maintain proper blood glucose levels

-Increase energy

-Repair muscle

-Improve sleep quality

-Much more...

For all the above and more, glutathione helps to bring the body into balance, including body weight. It helps the body detoxify and release the excess fat.

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-Glutathione depletion by hyperphagia-induced obesity.

-All glutathione forms are depleted in blood of obese and type 1 diabetic children

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