MaxGXL TV Episode 3

MaxGXL TV Episode 3: The 3rd Program In An Unforgettable Series!

MaxGXL TV continues this informative and entertaining television program with its December 14, 2009 episode.

You will hear from Steven K. Scott and Herbert T. Nagasawa.

Athlete, Art Sellinger, tells his exciting MaxGXL experience! Then we get to listen to Nancy Rose, an extraordinary female athlete as she tells her story!

We get to hear from Paul Hannon followed by the second part of the interview with Mark Victor Hansen. (The first part of the interview can be found in MaxGXL TV Episode 2)

The wonderful Dr. Charles Mabray shares with us some informative and exciting information!

It is always great to hear from Max associates who are doing well. Then finally, there is a sincere and inspiring invitation from Steven K. Scott!


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