MaxGXL TV Episode 1

maxgxl tv Join us here and watch MaxGXL TV Episode 1.

The premier episode of MaxGXL TV originally aired on September 28, 2009!

Steven K. Scott and Shawn King host this very special premiere episode. It will air every Monday through October 2009!

Ever wonder why Steven K. Scott and the other extremely wealthy founders chose network marketing as the way to market MaxGXL? In this episode you will find out why!

You will hear the tried and true methods of successful associates who are realizing their financial dreams!

You will learn why MaxGXL is so very powerful from some very brilliant doctors!

And of course, we all love to hear the stories of some inspiring athletes and the "edge" they get from MaxGXL!

The guests in the premier episode include:

Former NFL quarterback Bruce Mathison

Heisman Trophy-winner Johnny Rodgers

Diamond Associates Scott and Darlene Unclebach

Dr. Daria Davidson

Julie Clinton of Extraordinary Women

Bill Gillespie, bench press world-record holder

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