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Now, let me make this very clear -- MaxGXL does NOT cure anything--Nothing whatsoever.

What MaxGXL does do is to simply provide your body with the exact nutrients in the exact amounts in the perfect combination that your body needs to make more glutathione.

MaxGXL then delivers those building blocks to each of your body's trillions of cells where your body then takes those very nutrients and makes more glutathione within EVERY SINGLE ONE of its cells. In doing so, your body's intracellular glutathione levels are raised.

In fact, Double Blind, Placebo Controlled, Crossover clinical Studies prove MaxGXL raises GSH levels an average of 292% in only 60 days!

~MaxGXL even helps your body to recycle the used glutathione. (Yes, MaxGXL is environmentally conscious-LOL!)~

Your body, in its infinite wisdom, as created and designed by God, takes the increased amounts of glutathione and uses it where it is needed the most.

September 25, 2009:

I first began taking the MaxGXL at the end of February 2008. The first two days I felt nothing at all! Then on the 3rd day I noticed a small increase of energy. It was not a wired energy like the kind you get from caffeine or those unhealthy energy drinks. It was more of a calm, stable, constant energy. I felt great and loved the extra energy.

I learned that when you drink caffeine or other types of stimulant drinks you are actually forcing unnatural energy on your body, kind of like jump starting a car.

MaxGXL, buy maxgxl, glutathione In contrast, with the MaxGXL, you are giving your body the proper nutrients needed so your cells in turn take those nutrients and use them to increase glutathione production. When your cells start producing optimal levels of glutathione--Wow!! What a difference! You can feel this energy that comes from within your own body and not from some outside source. You realize that maybe, just maybe, this is the way we are all supposed to feel all along.

My restless sleep was gone in the 1st two weeks. I no longer had insomnia. When my head hit the pillow I would fall asleep much easier and I sleep more deeply. My dreams have become more vivid, more colorful! I wake up much more refreshed with energy. No coffee for me thank you, just pass the Max!

I am much more alert and focused throughout the day! I don't have those "brain fog" moments. There is more clarity and alertness in my thinking. Problems that in the past would leave me feeling overwhelmed no longer do. I am able to stay calmer in difficult situations. It really does help balance moods.

~You can read the MaxGXL testimonials and amazing stories of others! and even share Your MaxGXL testimonials!~

One of the most amazing changes I experienced was with a very painful problem I had with a hurt left knee and heel spur on my right foot. A few months earlier I had a nasty little accident in which I got a hairline fracture in my left heel, which led to walking a little off balance which led to knee pain and later a heel spur developed. After a few months the heel spur kept getting worse.

If you have ever had one of those you know how very uncomfortable and extremely painful heel spurs are. At the end of every day, my right heel would hurt so much. Somedays, I could barely walk anymore at the end of the day.

It would hurt so much I would literally almost have to hop on my left foot to not put pressure on my heel. It was so bad that people around me were telling me to just get the surgery done to remove the heel spur.

I did not want to do that hearing the horror stories of intense pain from people who have had that surgery done. Besides, I feel there are alot of natural solutions people can do instead of resorting to drugs and surgery. I was looking for answers not realizing I would find it in the MaxGXL I had just begun taking.

Starting around the 2nd-3rd week of taking the MaxGXL I realized that my heel pain was alot less. I could still feel it, but it was completely bearable. After being on the MaxGXL for two months my heel pain from a heel spur and my knee pain became a thing of the past. Goodbye surgery! I don't exactly know how it helped me, I just know that it did.

Around the 2nd week of taking the MaxGXL, I had a healing crisis (detox). Initially I thought I was getting sick, since I had a runny nose and woke up congested every morning for about a week. I later realized the detox was probably related to my seasonal allergies. Every spring I would get allergies, the year I began taking the Max, I did not get allergies and I haven't since then.

I have been on the MaxGXL now for a year and a half. I still continue to see other benefits.


I don't get sick even when surrounded by others who are sick. My hair grows fast, my nails are thicker and my light skin doesn't burn in the sun so easily. I have since learned that increased glutathione levels in your skin cells help protect you from sunburns, like an internal sunblock. Even my eyesight, especially my night vision seems to be improving!

I know that when it comes to glutathione (and MaxGXL) -- We ain't seen nothing yet!

Marisela Gutierrez, California, U.S.A.
Owner and author

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