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maxgxl clinical studies

Now what exactly are the results of the MaxGXL studies? and how can I even trust those results?

Good questions! I am glad you asked!

Have you ever looked at a health supplement that tells you how wonderful it is by saying something like, "Studies show..." or "Studies prove...." ?

Yet, oftentimes, they are somewhat vague about how exactly the studies were done and under what conditions.

That usually is because their studies were done in a way that shows the end result that they want. Their studies are biased and don't tell the WHOLE story.

More often than we know, the researchers "tweak" the tests and the results to reveal what they want them to reveal.

This helps to increase profits for the company behind the products getting tested, but is not very fair (nor honest) to the end-user: the consumer.

This is just one of the many facets of why I am very comfortable recommending MaxGXL as the ideal source for Glutathione!

You see, their studies of MaxGXL, like MaxGXL itself, are the "Gold Bond" of studies.

The study WAS APPROVED by the Independent Institutional Review Board.

The purpose, nature, and potential risks of the study were explained to all participants, who gave their written informed consent before participation.

The study was conducted in accordance with the U.S. Code of Federal Regulations applicable to clinical studies (45 CFR 46 and21 CFR including parts 50 and 56 concerning informed consent and IRB regulations)

The study was also conducted in full conformity with the current revision of the Declaration of Helsinki, or with theInternational Conference for Harmonization Good Clinical Practice (ICH-GCP)regulations and guidelines, whichever afforded the greater protection to the subject.
MaxGXL Abstract of Clinical Studies

The MaxGXL studies were done with the tightest of protocols: Double Blind, Placebo Controlled, Crossover clinical study

Now what exactly does "double-blind, placebo-controlled, crossover" mean?

Let's begin by explaining "double blind":

In a Double Blind experiment neither the individuals nor the researchers know who belongs to the control group(placebo group)and who belongs to the experimental group.

The researchers and the individuals only get to know who is in what group only after ALL the data has been recorded.

This eliminates bias (whether intentional or not) from the researchers and the individuals and it eliminates any "Placebo-effect" bias.

A Placebo Controlled Study is a study in which one group gets the actual supplement being tested(in this case, MaxGXL) and the other group gets the Placebo(not MaxGXL but looks like it).

(Because the study was "double blind", nobody knows who is in what group as explained above)

The results obtained in the two groups are then compared to see if the supplement is in fact effective.

A Crossover study basically means that after a certain amount of a pre-set length of time (in this case two months), the placebo group switches with the group taking the actual supplement(MaxGXL), and the study continued for another two months.

In the MaxGXL study there was two weeks "washout" between crossover.

This means that for two weeks in between the two sets of two months there was no MaxGXL given nor any placebo given to anybody in the study.

The purpose of the two weeks washout is to reduce any effects of the first two months to carry over into the last two months.

A funny thing happened during the MaxGXL studies!

The participants who were taking the MaxGXL for the 1st two months (but didn't know it) felt all the good benefits of a 292% increase of glutathione.

So then, when they were switched to the last two months and put on a placebo, they quickly figured it out on their own as they began to lose the benefits of high glutathione levels and so they would drop out of the study, not wanting to go a whole two months without the the increased feelings of well-being they had felt the first two months.

Needless, to say, a study that should have taken a few months to complete took a lot longer to complete as they had to keep starting over with new people to replace the ones who dropped out.

So what did the MaxGXL studies (scientifically proven) reveal at the end:

The studies showed and average increase of intracellular glutathione levels of 292% in only 60 days!

The studies also revealed an average increase of DHEA of 46% and 40.8% average increase of IGF-1.

DHEA and IGF-1 are "youth hormones". They are markers related to the levels of HGH (human growth hormone) available in the body. HGH reveals your true biological age (not calendar age).

For example, the calendar may say you are 50 years old, but your high GSH levels and, in turn, the HGH available in your body may reveal your biological age to be only be 45 or 40 years old.

See the studies for yourself here: MaxGXL "Gold Bond" Study Results

Or/and here: MaxGXL Abstract of Clinical Studies

(Interesting question on glutathione versus human growth hormone.)

Final Analysis:

There is only ONE glutathione accelerator PROVEN to work (in published double-blind placebo studies)in helping your body make almost 300% MORE glutathione within the first two months!

And it has a compositional patent! (Just like the MaxGXL studies were the toughest of studies, so is the patent, the strongest patent available)

Now is YOUR chance to experience the same results in effectively raising your glutathione levels by almost 300% in a PROVEN way!!


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