MaxGXL Sport

MaxGXL Sport Bottle

Introduced in September 2009, MaxGXL Sport is exactly the same as the unique glutathione enhancing MaxGXL with the same exact ingredients, and even the same price.

The only difference is that Max GXL Sport is certified with the new:
"NSF Athletic Banned Substances Certification Program",
also known as the NSF Certified for Sport

NSF Certified For Sport

It comes packaged in a bottle with 180 vegetable-based capsules (veggie caps). The bottle carries the very exclusive mark that is only stamped on products with the NSF certification.

But just why exactly is this so exciting?

To learn more about why the NSF certification is such a prestigious certification go here: NSF Certified for Sport

With Max GXL sport an athlete (or anyone) can have the incredible glutathione promoting qualities of MaxGXL with the peace of mind in knowing there are none of the banned substances in this powerful, breakthrough supplement!

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