Once you really research Max GXL, you will see why MaxGXL leaves other glutathione supplements behind.

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MaxGXL is scientifically proven to work. Learn about the studies and how exactly they were done in an honest and ethical manner to provide the consumer with real results!

Plus, NO ONE else can have "the max" as Max GXL has a compositional patent. The strongest and strictest patent available normally reserved for pharmaceutical drugs.

So unlike, many nutritional products out there, you will never find max gxl at Costco or Wal-mart. It is ONLY available through a distributor!

N-Acetyl-CysteineWondering what the exact ingredients in MaxGXL are?
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Dr Robert H. Keller, Dr Keller. Dr Robert Keller, MaxGXL

MaxGXL was formulated by a true medical genius, Dr. Robert H. Keller.

Robert H. Keller MD, MS, FACP, was named as one of the world’s 2,000 Outstanding Scientists of the 21st Century. See the entire resume and biography of Dr. Robert H. Keller.


Sadly, Dr. Robert Keller recently passed away. He was afflicted with a rare disease known as Amyloidosis.

You can read my own personal tribute to Dr. Robert Keller.

You can also read the letter from Max International corporate announcing the death and remembering the life of Dr. Robert H. Keller.

Thank you for all of your sweet emails and now comments. So many feel the tragic loss of Dr. Keller. Here are more details on the sad death of Dr Robert Keller

You can leave your own tribute along with reading the tributes to Dr. Keller left by others.


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Why are people so passionate about the "Max"?

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Our pets are family too! They need and benefit from high glutathione levels as well!

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MaxGXL's latest product: MaxGXL Sport is here!

It is NSF Certified For Sport!

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Dr Daria Davidson

Dr. Daria Davidson is a Double Board-Certified physician in Emergency and Holistic medicine.

Dr. Davidson has this to say about when first learning about MaxGXL, "...I knew that this was one important supplement, probably the most significant one I'll see in my lifetime...." Read more

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