Low Glutathione: Causes and Solutions!

So what causes low glutathione in the first place? Causes of low or depleted glutathione Answer: Free radicals, Oxidative Stress, and buildup of toxins

Let's explain what those are beginning with the "radical" ones:

What exactly are Free radicals?

Well, That can be a little difficult to explain and understand.

(I will provide a simple answer here, for simplicity sake, but for a more thorough description please go here:

What Are Free Radicals? )

Free radicals are atoms that are the little "thieves" in our bodies. They go around stealing electrons from other healthy cells causing all kinds of free radical damage.

Then come in the heroes, the Antioxidants, they are the little "Super heroes" in our body neutralizing the free radicals and repairing the damage they have caused.

Three cheers for Antioxidants!!!

And of course, this is where Glutathione comes in! It is the "Superman" of all the super heroes! It is the #1 antioxidant! Over 5,000 times STRONGER than any other antioxidant! *****

Fighting off all of these free radicals depletes our glutathione and all other antioxidants!

The problems arise when there are way too many Free Radicals (thieves) and not enough antioxidants (Super heroes) to fight them off! This is called oxidative stress.

The damage they cause (Free Radical Damage) is what leads to illness, disease, pre-mature aging, chronic fatigue, etc.***

OK, so now that you got an understanding of Free Radicals and the havoc they cause,

Let's learn about main causes of low glutathione and free radicals.

A few free radicals are a by-product of normal bodily processes:

~through metabolism

~Sometimes through our immune system, cells actually create free radical to neutralize bacteria, viruses, and infections during illness and disease.

The majority of Free Radicals, however, are created as a result of our environment:


~Chemicals and toxins in food, water, air, hair dye, sunblock, etc. (Researches say that the average man, woman, AND child is exposed to 60,000 chemicals a day! YIKES!)

~Food containing pesticides, additives, and other chemicals.

~Microwaved food, irradiated food

~Drugs (prescription or not)

~Aspirin (Tylenol, etc.)

~Cigarette smoke (including second-hand smoke)

~EMR (electromagnetic radiation from cellphones, WIFI, bluetooth, etc.)

~Carcinogens (cancer causing chemicals) found abundantly in disposable plastic water bottles, shampoos, lotions, deodorants, etc.

~Poor diet (junk food, fast food, artificial sweeteners, etc.)

~Too little sleep


~Even exercise (but don't use as an excuse to NOT exercise!)

~Strenuous day (yeah, that NEVER happens!)

We are bombarded by toxins in the air, water, and food that we cannot avoid (although we can minimize). Then we may even burden the body with more toxins through cigarettes smoke, alcohol, drugs (prescribed or not), etc. If the toxins coming into our body is more than our body can eliminate through detoxification this leads to a buildup of toxins. This build up of toxins creates free radicals and in turn depletes our glutathione.

Then, of course, age and time depletes our glutathione leading to low glutathione levels:

As we age our body's supply of Glutathione goes down by about 10-15% per decade beginning around 20 years old.

HOWEVER, Even babies and children that have brain issues (brain disorders, brain problems) and/or learning problems ARE, without a doubt, deficient in glutathione!

In fact, ANYONE and EVERYONE (child or adult) that has some health problem, has lowered glutathione levels and so has a need for glutathione!

The MORE health problems one has the MORE they need glutathione!

And EVERYONE over 20 regardless of health status has some type of need for increased glutathione. (whether they know it or not!)Even if it is just to PROTECT themselves from future degenerative diseases or just want more good energy!***

So, bottom line is unless you choose to live in a bubble and eat only organic foods ALL THE TIME, and clean alkaline water ALL the time and NEVER experience stress and have perfect sound sleep every night and NOT age,

Then you HAVE TO do something to protect your body from from free radical damage (the main reason for low glutathione levels)!

Solution: Reduce Free Radicals AND Increase Glutathione levels!

Reduce Free Radicals by:

Eating more locally-grown, organic food

~Switching to natural, cleaning products and eliminating those with all the chemicals

~Reduce cell phone use (not always possible for many, unfortunately, along with the conveniences of modern day living have come modern day poisons and toxins and radiation, which has exponentially increased our need for antioxidants!)

~Try to avoid Microwaved food!

(Here are some more practical ideas and steps you can take to avoid toxins and reduce Free Radical damage, save $$, and save your body!!)

Raise Glutathione levels by:

Supplementing your diet with a product scientifically-proven (in blood tests) through Double-Blind Placebo studies to raise your glutathione levels by over 292% in only 60 days!

Go here to learn more and see the

clinical results!

The bottom line is this:

we ALL need to increase our antioxidant levels, right?

Naturally, let's go with the MOST POWERFUL antioxidant --Glutathione!

And, of course, as we review all the sources of glutathione available,

we should naturally go with the MOST EFFECTIVE source of glutathione.

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