Liver-ing to the Max

by Jeff White
June 7, 2011
(Riverside, California, U.S.A.)

Jeff and Denise White

Jeff and Denise White

Jeff and Denise White Liver Improvement document from Kaiser Hospital

My liver has improved because of taking MaxGXL. See proof above from Kaiser, my medical provider. (make bigger by clicking on it)

The attached document shows my LIVER FUNCTION number started at 196 on 12/1/06, dropped to 161 on 8/5/08, then to 86 on 4/15/09.

I started taking MaxGXL in October 2007. I began a regular exercise routine some time in 2008.

My family and I continue to enjoy all of the Max products!

Thank you Max!!!

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Liver working to the Max now!
by: Marisela

Wow! What a difference MaxGXL made in those liver function numbers! The proof you posted says it all!

Our liver is the most powerful detoxification organ of our body (Our skin is the largest).

Glutathione is vital for our liver. When our glutathione levels are low, our liver function is compromised (as reflected in your documents from Kaiser Hospital).

In fact, if our glutathione levels fall to nothing in our liver, we die. Neither our liver or us can survive without glutathione.

When we raise our glutathione levels our liver, can then function at optimal levels!

Plus, the higher glutathione levels you got from taking MaxGXL, increased your energy, thus you began exercising again and your liver function levels further improved!

Dr. Keller always used to say how "the liver is the washing machine of the body and glutathione the detergent." I am so grateful he spent 10 years developing such a powerful glutathione accelerator like MaxGXL!

Thank you so much Jeff for sharing your Max story with us!

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