Is MaxGXL safe in pregnancy?

by Missy Morelli
(Liberty, Missouri, USA)

Pregnancy Ultrasound (28 weeks)

Pregnancy Ultrasound (28 weeks)

Has enough research and studies been done on this product to ensure its safety during pregnancy?

Is it possible to state truthfully that this product is definitely safe or definitely not safe in pregnancy, or is that really still unknown?

I just found out I'm almost 6 weeks pregnant, and have been taking this product almost a month now.



Congratulations on your pregnancy Missy!
May you have a healthy pregnancy and baby!

Great question by the way!

MaxGXL is safe during pregnancy!

Here is what Dr. Corinne Allen has to say about that:

"The reason the (MaxGXL) box ... says not to use in children and pregnancy is because Dr Keller (hadn't) personally done all the studies with THIS glutathione. His focus was adults. But research says it is safe."

You can read the rest here:
Pregnancy and MaxGXL

So relax Missy, and know that by taking the MaxGXL, you are protecting your baby and you from pregnancy-related oxidative stress which can cause health issues for you and birth defects in your child.

You can read more about that here:
Pregnancy and Glutathione

I hope this helps~

Come back and visit soon and let us know how your pregnancy is going!


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