Is MaxGXL safe for children?

Is this product safe for children/kids?

What dosage would a 60lb. child take?

Is the supplement mixed in food palatable?


Yes, MaxGXL is safe for children.

As Dr. Corrine Allen says, "The reason the (MaxGXL) box ... says not to use in children and pregnancy is because Dr Keller (hadn't) personally done all the studies with THIS glutathione. His focus was adults. But research says it is safe."

A 60 lb child should take between 2 (maybe 3) capsules of MaxGXL a day. A good guideline is 1 capsule of MaxGXL for every 25 lbs. of weight. Start with one capsule and slowly work your way up.

Yes, you can open up the capsule and mix contents in apple sauce, yogurt, juice, etc. It is palatable as the MaxGXL really has no taste, so you are basically just tasting the juice or apple sauce, etc.

I have one friend whose five year old son loved the way he felt on MaxGXL but he had trouble swallowing capsules.

He soon learned how to take his "Max" all by himself. He would get his cup, spoon, juice, and Max gxl capsule and place on table.

All by himself he poured his juice in the cup and then opened a MaxGXL capsule and poured it in the cup. Got the spoon mixed and drank away. Left mommy to clean up :) and he went back to playing.

Hope this answered your questions! ~Marisela

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