Intravenous Glutathione


Please note: Everything below about Intravenous glutathione IS correct and still applies. However, due to overwhelming questions on IV glutathione, I have added a new page on the subject found here: Glutathione IV

Also, Suzanne Somers no longer gets glutathione injections but now uses glutathione patches.

Suzanne Somers gets intravenous glutathione

Magic Johnson gets intravenous glutathione

What do Magic Johnson and Suzanne Somers have in common?

Intravenous glutathione, that's what!

They both get glutathione injections weekly for $900 an injection! That is $3,600 a month for IV glutathione!

Yes, Suzanne Somers receives IV glutathione once a week! In fact, she wrote about it in her book: Breakthrough: Eight Steps to Wellness

Magic Johnson also gets injectable glutathione.

Why are celebrities willing to dish out a few thousand dollars each and every month to raise their glutathione levels?

intravenous, intravenous glutathione

Maybe it is the dramatic anti-aging properties of having high levels of the MOST POWERFUL antioxidant on earth!

Or maybe they like the high energy levels and strengthened immune system.

Or, it could be the improved athletic performance & recovery.

Or perhaps it is just plain feeling better, sleeping better, and improved mental functions, such as, focus, concentration, memory, and clarity.

Or maybe they like knowing that by raising their glutathione levels NOW and maintaining them high is protecting from degenerative diseases LATER.

I think it is a combination of all of the above, plus the hundreds if not thousands of other benefits.

However, with intravenous glutathione how much of the glutathione even makes it INTO your cells is questionable.

Getting glutathione intravenously injected does get into your bloodstream (as blood tests show) BUT the "injected" glutathione molecule is not fully absorbing into the cells because of it's size. The IV glutathione molecule is larger than the cell molecule.

Let's just assume some glutathione can squeeze itself into the cell (not likely), whatever glutathione does make into the cells starts going down daily until you get another injection the following week.

Worst of all, superficial glutathione (glutathione not produced by your own cells) may actually inhibit melanin synthesis!

Melanin (or pigment) is a substance that gives the skin its natural color AND protects you from the harmful rays of the sun.

So, if you are getting your glutathione through an IV or another method that gives you superficial glutathione, you are increasing your chances of developing skin cancer and other skin disorders.

On top of the possibility of developing skin cancer, what about the time loss, doctor's visits, gasoline, and needles-yuck! What if you get the injections more than once a week--then the costs go up as well (as does your risk of skin cancer).

(much better, much more effective, and much less expensive and very convenient sources for glutathione are here best glutathione enahncers, which actually encourages one's own glutathione production within the cells as opposed to getting some glutathione from an outside source.)

Bottom line:

1) Effectiveness--Minimal

2) Convenience--Not at all

3) Side Effects--may possibly increase your chances of developing skin cancer and other skin disorders.

4) Cost--Very Expensive

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