Intracellular Glutathione: A Short But Sweet Biology Lesson

Intracellular glutathione simply means that glutathione is within our cells.

Glutathione is endogenous meaning our bodies naturally makes it inside every single one of our cells. intracellular glutathione
Did you ever wonder how this tiny antioxidant called glutathione can have such a profound affect on our bodies and on our health?

Don't let its size fool you. This tiny amino acid, found in all our cells, is VERY powerful!

How many other nutrients are found (and needed) in EVERY SINGLE ONE of our, literally, trillions of cells? Not many at all!

For example, Vitamin A is found in many of our cells but NOT all. The same goes for most other nutrients.

This is not to say other nutrients are not important, they very much are, but it just goes to show you how extremely valuable glutathione is to our entire body and well-being.

Do you remember Biology class? Here is a trivia question for you!

What is the smallest unit of living matter?

Answer-- A cell is the very SMALLEST unit of living matter. All living things including plants and animals are made up of cells.

In fact, we all began as a single cell called a zygote. Then it divided in half and became two, then four, then eight, then sixteen, etc. Once we are born and for the rest of our life we literally have trillions of cells.

A group of similar cells working together performing the same functon is called a Tissue. (Ex. Muscle tissue, Connective tissue, etc.)

A group of tissues that perform a specific function or group of functions is called an Organ (Examples of organs are the stomach, heart, brain, etc.)

A group of organs working together is called an organ system. (Examples are the digestive system, skeletal system, immune system, etc.)

So, when your cells are protected and strengthened by having high levels of glutathione, then your cells are very healthy!

And when your cells are very healthy, then your tissues are healthy and when your tissues are healthy, then your organs are healthy, and so on and so forth--

bottom line:

High glutathione levels = Healthy cells = healthy tissues = healthy organs = healthy organ systems = healthy YOU!

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