Ingredients / Can I give this to my 12 year old who has autism?

by Kim
(Chicago, Illinois, U.S.A.)



The reason I ask is because my son and I, cannot have soy, dairy, wheat glutton, dyes, or artificial sweeteners.

So what are the ingredients? Can my 12 year old and 10 year old take this as well? If so, what dose amount?


Great questions, Kim!

MaxGXL does not contain any soy, dairy, wheat glutton, dyes, or artificial sweeteners.

You can find a thorough list of ingredients, amounts, and descriptions here: MaxGXL Ingredients

Many parents have chosen to give MaxGXL to their children for various reasons. After all, they too our exposed to the modern toxic environments we all live in.

Dr. Corrine Allen has this to say about MaxGXL and Children: "The reason the (MaxGXL) box ... says not to use in children and pregnancy is because Dr Keller (hadn't) personally done all the studies with THIS glutathione. His focus was adults. But research says it is safe."

Dr. Allen further shares how she wishes MaxGXL had been around when her children were young. You can read more here:
Dr. Allen on MaxGXL and pregnancy, babies, and children

Also, Children with autism have been shown to have 50% of the glutathione levels as their peers who are not autistic.

If you wisely choose to provide your children with the glutathione-enhancing nutrients found in MaxGXL, a good guideline would be 1 capsule for every 25 lbs. of weight. You can begin with one capsule a day and then after a week, increase it to two, etc.

I began giving my 12 year old daughter MaxGXL when she was 10 years old! You can read about that here: Children and MaxGXL

When and if you are ready to purchase MaxGXL,
please go here: Get me MaxGXL!

I hope this information helped Kim!
Please let me know how else I can be of service!

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