Your Immune System and Glutathione

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Our Immune System is a complex, yet simply wonderful system where every part works together to fight illness and infection.

It is your body’s first line of defense against all illnesses and diseases. It is under so much demand as toxins, bacteria, and viruses are always coming at us from so many places.

magnification of the immune system, glutathione

of the Immune System

(Immune system close up)

Our Immune-System needs to be protected so it can then protect us from sickness. We protect our body's primary defender by strengthening it and maintaining it daily.

The best way to strengthen and maintain it is by feeding it with the best food available.

glutathione is food for the immune system

Glutathione (GSH) is often called "Food for the Immune System" because that is exactly what it is. It truly is the best food possible for your body's first line of defense.

If you keep your powerful protector and defender strong with glutathione you can stay healthy, even when surrounded by sick people. If you do happen to "catch" a virus, your symptoms will be minimal and you will recover much faster.

Bacteria, viruses, "superbugs", allergens, cancer cells, and other microorganisms that are harmful to our health are called antigens.

The immune system finds the antigens and then goes after them by turning on our natural killer cells called lymphocytes. They are called "natural" killers because they do not need to recognize a specific antigen before going into action. They go after cancer and tumor cells and protect us against a huge variety of infectious microorganisms.

Our natural killer cells are activated by glutathione and ONLY by glutathione. This is one reason why low glutathione levels leaves one much more susceptible to illness and disease.

Natural killer cells are like the "front-line" troops in battle. After the they have identified and surrounded the antigens "the enemy" , they hold on until the the B and T-cells "reinforcements" come in to attack.

These "reinforcements take about a week to grow in response to an infection. That explains why it can take a while to fully get over a cold.

They also have a memory and remembers antigens and attack them BEFORE they can do any damage. This explains why we get the chicken pox or measles only once. This also explains why cold viruses continue to evolve so as to defeat the acquired immunity.

When you do get sick it is because your natural immunities were already compromised. That could be because your cells are weak which leads to your whole system being weak. Cells get weak from lack of (food) glutathione.

A healthy person with a strong defense can still get sick if attacked by a particularly strong virus, bacteria, or microbe.

However, if they have high glutathione levels they will not get as sick nor will they feel the symptoms of the illness as strongly and they will recover much faster. Here are some more great immune system tips to get better, faster!

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