Immune System Tips To Stay Healthy

Here are some immune system tips to help you keep your body's first line of defense strong and able to fight of illness and disease.

Thankfully, our wonderful creator assembled in all of us a very powerful immune system. It is our responsibility however, to do all we can to keep our body strong and healthy.

Garlic (allicin) - Very effective antiviral. Best if fresh (raw) and crushed. Must be consumed within 1 hour of crushing. Dosage is initially 2 to 3 cloves per day but later reduce until no body odor occurs. No toxic effects noted.

The Sun - Vitamin D protects against a flu viruses. So let the sun shine on you at least 15 minutes a day.

Olive Leaf Extract - This herbal compound fights bacteria, yeast, fungus and viruses.

Green Tea - (possible Tamiflu/Relenza alternative)- Very effective antiviral. May have antiviral activity that is equal to other antivirals such as the dangerous Tamiflu.

Antioxidants - Such as vitamin C, E, SOD, CoQ10, and Catalase, and, of course, the "Big Kahuna" of antioxidants, glutathione. If you are going to invest in a glutathione supplement, might as well, go with the best!

Strong Multi-vitamins and Multi-mineral supplement

Coconut Oil - 100% Organic, Virgin Coconut Oil is anti-viral and anti-fungal and has tons of other great benefits. It is the only oil I cook with.

Colloidal Silver - Kills over 100 different strains of bacterial. (whereas, most prescribed antibiotics kill only about a dozen or so strains of bacteria).

Hydrogen Peroxide - simple yet very effective cure against flu and cold viruses.

Put a few drops of 3% Hydrogen Peroxide (H202) into each ear. It starts working withing a few minutes. You will feel bubbling as the viruses are killed. Wait until the bubbling stops about 5-10 minutes and then drain onto a tissue and switch ears and repeat.

I do this with myself and my children the minute we notice any cold or flu symptoms and it works every time to kill the viruses before they get stronger.

Omega 3 supplements - such as Krill Oil.

drink a lot of good filtered, alkaline water,

Gargle twice a day with warm water mixed with Himalayan or sea salt. This simple, yet powerful method kills viruses and bacteria in throat before they proliferate.

Drink tea (like green tea above) or other warm liquids as much as possible. Drinking warm liquids has the same effect as gargling above, but in the reverse direction. It washes off harmful viruses from the throat into the stomach where the stomach acids will destroy them before they can multiply and do harm.

get 6-8 hours rest nightly,


and of course, wash your hands often!

Avoid processed foods, sugar, and stress (as much as you can)

And lastly, saving the best Immune System Tips for last:

Keep your glutathione levels high! It is after all, Food for the Immune System!

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