I credit MaxGXL to helping save my baby!

by Dory Trinchera
(Manila, philippines)

God is really good. We should thank him for sending Dr. Robert Keller who created MaxGXL.

His product helped save my baby! I am from the Philippines and I have a 1 year old baby who was diagnosed of stage 3 liver cancer. The doctors were supposed to do an operation when they discovered that the tumor had already spread to the whole liver. So then they decided to do chemo therapy before the operation.

It was then I decided to do research on my own. I discovered that some doctors in the Philippines were giving a supplement called MaxGXL to sick babies and they got better. I then began to give to my baby.

Amazingly, after 2 months of giving MaxGXL with combination of Max N-Fuze, the tumor was gone and the doctors were amazed.

One doctor wanted us to stop supplementation, why? So we would have to do chemo? I don't understand, so we switched doctors.

Max is real. I believe faith can moves mountain.. I believe God gave me wisdom to use max for my daughter. Now she is healthy strong baby. No need to do operation and chemo. Everything is normal!

I thank God and our savior Jesus Christ for all the blessings! Especially for Dr. Robert Keller who created MaxGXL! I believe God sent him for us. To me he was an angel from heaven and now he is home. Thank you also to Steven Scott!

Thank you!

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