Healing Our Autistic Children

A Medical Plan for Restoring Your Child's Health


This book, Healing Our Autistic Children, was written by a pediatrician, Julie Buckley MD, whose own daughter regressed into Autism at 4 years old.

Healing Our Autistic Children: A Medical Plan for Restoring Your Child's Health is an easy to read book that when read will serve well those with autism and the people who love them.

The book, while offering hope, is honest, presenting some frightening statistics: As of 2009, 1 out of every 100 children have autism. 1 in 6is diagnosed with other disorders that fall in the autism spectrum, such as ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder), ODD, PDD-NOS, Asperger's and other learning disabilities. ONE out of every SIX!!

Dr. Buckley was in denial, when her daughter, Dani, first got sick. She then accepted her daughter's autism as their new reality and began to turn to her medical textbooks for information, because as a typical pediatrician, she knew close to nothing when it came to autism.

She found nothing in her medical textbooks so she then turned to medical literature, where, again, she found nothing that told her how to fix her daughter. Instead, she found that the medical community, of which she, herself, was an active member, officially consider autism a dead-end diagnosis.

That's when, as a desperate mother, she did what she, as a pediatrician, had cautioned parents NOT to do, she began to Google Autism.

She found nothing helpful at traditional mainstream medical sites. Where she found hope was in alternative sites, although the information there was in DIRECT CONFLICT with her medical training. This created inner turmoil between her heart and brain; and between her motherhood and medical career.

Yet what those other sites offered was information that made sense (as she was personally witnessing with her daughter), such as, the fact that Autism is NOT a psychiatric disorder at all but a physical illness of where recover is POSSIBLE! Through whole body treatments, such as, changing her daughter's diet and supplementing her diet with missing ingredients, like glutathione, to repair her weakened body.

In her book, Healing Our Autistic Children, Dr Buckley, fearlessly goes where many doctors fear to thread in connecting Autism to Mercury poisoning: "Those of us in the biomedical field fully understand that autism and mercury poisoning are joined at the hip. Autism looks like mercury poisoning. It quacks like mercury poisoning. It waddles like mercury poisoning. So we call it[Autism] what it is, mercury poisoning, and we treat it like that too, with chelation. And chelation-whether with glutathione, vitamin C, or another chelating agent-is what has brought us the great success in recovery that we have enjoyed. All we have to do is be willing to call a duck ...a duck."

'Healing Our Autistic Children' goes on to quote another doctor that touches on why so many refuse to make the mercury poisoning (from vaccines, etc.) connection and continue blaming genetics:

"To cling to a purely genetic explanation for autism is a desperate attempt to maintain the illusion that one lives in a comfortable and rational world where new chemicals and technologies always mean progress; experts are always objective and thorough; corporations are honest; and authorities can be trusted. That human actions, rather than genes, might be responsible for compromising the health of a significant portion of a whole generation is so painful as to be, for many, unthinkable."-Martha Hebert, MD, PhD Harvard Medical School

And as long as many in the medical field keep blaming the wrong source, we cannot fix this mess that has affected and continues to affect way too many lives! To further complicate matters, most doctors either completely refuse to acknowledge that recovery is possible or they know very little when it comes to Autism recovery and this fact is clearly revealed when they come face to face with parents armed with oodles of knowledge as they try to help their children: "There is tremendous disconnect between obtainable knowledge and implemented treatment for Autism. There is an ever widening gap between what parents know and what physicians know. The parents have made themselves experts in in complex bio-chemistry, immunology, and gastroenterology. They know what is happening on the cutting edge of autism treatment because their kids need them to know. This kind of parent overtakes their pediatrician's expertise very quickly."-Dr Buckley

Healing Our Autistic Children delves deeply into Autism recovery, including Chapter 3: "Jedi Knights, Yoda, and Glutathione" -- where she uses Star Wars analogy to describe, Glutathione, the body's master antioxidant, and it's primacy in the scheme of human biochemistry: "other antioxidants that the body produces or consumes are all noble Jedi Knights--but glutathione is Yoda. And Yoda, as we movie lovers all know, can do wondrous things."

Dr. Julie A Buckley makes it clear that a common factor in Autistic children or adults is depleted glutathione levels. In fact, she routinely checks glutathione levels in her clients as they are on the path to recovery. She goes on to say, "Glutathione, one of the most significant tools in the autism-fighting toolbox, is a critically necessary peptide.

Lastly, Dr Buckley goes on to say, "here is the hardest part of all the things I have to tell you in this book---because we have created such a toxic world that it is not a matter of whether a person will be stricken with a disease, but a matter of which disease will strike and how intensely it will manifest itself."

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