Glutathione with or without MaxGXL

by Ted
(Maryland, United States)



Do you need to take glutathione with the MaxGXL; at the same time?


Hello Ted,

Great question and thank you for asking!

Glutathione is an endogenous antioxidant. Endogenous basically means your body makes this particular antioxidant.

So you cannot really "take" glutathione as only your body can "make" it!

Which also contributes to the reasons why glutathione taken as actual glutathione is essentially worthless.

The solution to effectively raising your glutathione levels is to give your body high-quality glutathione precursors (basically the building blocks, if you will, for glutathione).

These precursors are then taken by your body and absorbed into the cells where you body, in its innate intelligence, uses them to then "make" more glutathione.

This is where MaxGXL comes in.

MaxGXL DOES NOT contain any glutathione.

What MaxGXL does contain is high-quality ingredients that are known to be glutathione precursors and in the exact formulation for the most optimal results.

You body takes the glutathione precursors found in MaxGXL and absorbs them into the cells, where the glutathione is made.

(Go here and see a great glutathione video showing that process!)

The formulation of MaxGXL is so amazing that it has been granted a compositional patent.

MaxGXL is so effective that it has been scientifically proven to raise your GSH (glutathione) levels by up to 292% in two months!

So, to summarize, in order to increase your glutathione levels effectively, all you need to take is a proven glutathione enhancer, such as MaxGXL. (No other glutathione supplement needed!)


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Couple of points
by: Anonymous

Actually, you can ingest and inject glutathione.

Injecting glutathione has issues of price, limited effectiveness and unwanted side effects.

Ingesting glutathione is almost worthless. The acids in the stomach break it down and it's not glutathione anymore.

You don't need anything in addition to
MaxGXL besides a healthy diet and/or a vitamin/mineral supplement. Max Nfuze is one of, if not, the best for that.

Together, they cover all bases.

Re: Couple of points
by: Marisela

Yes! Great points, anonymous!

Thank you for adding them and contributing!


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