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Here you will find a collection of glutathione videos.

I will be continuously adding to this website more excellent videos as they become available! As they are added you will be able to find them all here, on this page!

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Here is a GSH video with great graphics that clearly shows what glutathione is along with how it works. It explains its benefits and why it is so vital for our health.

What Is Glutathione VideoIt goes on to explain and show why glutathione supplements are worthless.

It also reveals what is MaxGXL and explains how MaxGXL is not a glutathione supplement but a glutathione "accelerator".

There is a short and a complete version (which includes testimonials):
video: what is glutathione!


Cellgevity Announcement Video

Max International has officially acquired CellGevity, Inc.!

Go here to see the official
CellGevity video announcement!


Swine Flu 60 Minutes (1979)Video

This swine flu video was filmed in 1979 by 60 minutes.

It reveals the lies and propaganda behind the whole Swine Flu hype that took place in 1976.

(hmm, sounds familiar, doesn't it?)


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