Glutathione Side Effects

glutathione side effects

The glutathione side effects vary from 'no known side effects' and zero side effects to many side effects depending on your sources of glutathione.

Foods high in Glutathione have ZERO side effects...however ineffective in raising your GSH levels beyond 40%. Read more: Foods high in Glutathione

Glutathione supplements or glutathione pills have zero side effects to very rare side effects that may include skin hives, rashes, and itchy or swollen skin. Even more rarely are side effects of breathing problems or tightness in your throat or chest and even chest pain. Read more: Glutathione supplements

Intravenous glutathione or glutathione injections has zero short term side effects (other than the pain of being poked by a needle) but may possibly have long term side effects of increasing your chances of developing skin cancer and other skin disorders due to the synthethic glutathione found in glutathione injections/glutathione IV's. The synthetic glutathione inhibits your body's protection of melanin synthesis. Read more: Intravenous glutathione

Glutathione cream has zero side effect to rare possible side effects for those with very sensitive skin of rashes, hives, and itchy skin.
Read more: Glutathione cream

MaxGXL has no known side effects. However, the MaxGXL does contain ingredients derived from shellfish and mushroom in its gelatin capsule. If you want to avoid these completely or you are allergic, look in to a vegetable capsule (veggie cap) as provided by MaxGXL Sport. It's still the same great stuff, just now in a veggie capsule. Read more: Glutathione Accelerator

On a side note: A friend of mine who is allergic to seafood began to take the MaxGXL and was elated as she began to feel better and have much more energy.

However, she also developed a rash. She then went to see her physician who told her she was having an allergic reaction to the shellfish. My friend did not want to stop taking the MaxGXL and was told by her doctor that if she could get past a week with the rash she should be fine after that. (It takes about a week for an allergic reaction to work its way out of your system.)

I will be adding more to this page on glutathione side effects as I add more glutathione sources and their possible side effects.

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