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Glutathione Patch: What Is It? And Does It Work?

A skin or transdermal patch is simply a way to deliver a drug or nutrient through the skin.

If the patch itself contains glutathione, we run into the same problems as other forms of transdermal glutathione and glutathione IV's. Even though glutathione delivered via a patch is bypassing the digestive system (which is where most glutathione supplements are destroyed), the actual glutathione being absorbed into the cells is not known. It is also not assisting your body to make more glutathione!

Then there are the glutathione skin patches that do not contain glutathione, but are said to be designed to send "information signals" into the body. These signals then supposedly tell the body to make more glutathione.

However, the problem with this technology is clearly explained by Dr Julie TwoMoon:

"Energy patches that claim to increase glutathione are impossible for me to recommend because the critical, key, rate-limiting factor in glutathione production is the availability of the intact cysteine molecule.

Cysteine must be supplied either orally or intravenously, in a protected manner, for glutathione production to occur."

There are proven glutathione enahncers that contains N-Acetyl-Cysteine (a precursor of cysteine) along with other glutathione precursors proven to raise glutathione levels effectively and quickly!

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