Glutathione IV

glutathione iv, glutathione injection

Getting glutathione IV goes into your bloodstream and tissues. Many used to think this was the most effective way to raise glutathione levels.

However the "injected" glutathione molecule is not being absorbed into the cells because our cells do not have a receptor for glutathione.

In other words, our cells do not have a molecule (receptor) that recognizes or binds to glutathione injected into the bloodstream or tissues.

Why does that matter?

Almost 100% of glutathione is utilized, needed and found in the cells. If glutathione does not get to the cells where glutathione does it's job, it just simply cannot be effectively used!

To make matters worse, the injected glutathione in the blood or tissues will be rapidly broken down and eliminated from the body. Most of the glutathione gotten from an IV or injection goes out in our urine! (Now that is some expensive pee!)

Not to mention IV glutathione is artificial glutathione. Real glutathione is made by the body and anything outside of that is artificial, not as effective as the real deal and even has serious side effects. You can read more here: Intravenous Glutathione.

So the best way to increase glutathione in your body is to give your body glutathione precursors that ARE absorbed into the cell and your body then uses the precursors (building blocks) to make more glutathione WITHIN the cell where glutathione is efficiently utilized.

To date, the best products that does this most effectively are found here best glutathione enahncers!

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