Glutathione Fun Facts and Trivia!

Are you curious to learn glutathione fun facts and details?

I'm a sucker for little known facts!

What about you?

Do you think you know everything there is to know about this miracle nutrient called Glutathione?

I bet you don't know all of these interesting tidbits....

...For example,

have you ever ripped a leaf off of a plant? Of course you have, who hasn't right?

When a leaf is torn off of a plant, the plant immediately goes to work in healing itself. Can you guess what the plant uses to seal the tear and heal itself? Yup, you guessed it, Glutathione!

In fact, the higher the levels of GSH in a plant, the easier the plant can adapt to extreme temperatures and tolerate environmental stresses.

Even plants, like humans, need their glutathione to survive!

bed bug

So what exactly do bed bugs and glutathione have in common?

A recent study, published on January 19, 2011, reveals a very interesting connection: bed bugs

I bet you have noticed that only a very small amount of the population knows what glutathione is (About less than 10%)

There was once a time when no one knew what a vitamin was? Then a time when only top researchers and scientists knew about vitamins. Now everyone has heard of and knows what a vitamin is.

And so it shall be one day with Glutathione!

But right now, even many doctors vaguely know about glutathione and it's paramount importance to our health.

The truth is, YOU are one of the first people to hear about and be learning about glutathione. Good for You! Aren't YOU the smart one!

More glutathione fun facts:

Have you heard about the famous boxer in my home town of Southern California who was accused of "turning back the clock" after winning a match?

No surprise there, considering his secret weapon!

Here's thousands of very scientific glutathione fun facts!

PubMed is an online service of the U.S. National Library of Medicine and the National Institutes of Health that has over 18 millions of articles published (some dating back to 1948).

In early 2008, there were about 74,000 articles on PubMed relating to glutathione.

As of the writing of this web page(April 2009), there are 84,820 articles on PubMed related to Glutathione and the endless benefits of glutathione.

How many are there now? Go here to find out if you want! Then type "Glutathione" in the search box!

Considering all the new information top researches keep learning about this powerful nutrient, the number of articles available will surely keep growing!

Here's a little trivia for you:

Which body organ has the most amount of glutathione in it?

Answer: The liver

The liver is the organ of our body most responsible for detoxification. So naturally, it needs lots of GSH, the most powerful antioxidant and detoxifier to do it's vital job.

Interestingly, Studies have shown that glutathione actually regenerates the liver! Wow!

Ready for more glutathione fun facts?

Gluthathione is endogeneous! Which means that it is created naturally within all the trillions millions of cells in our bodies.

Unlike other nutrients which are exogenous, meaning our bodies do not create them and we need to supply our body with them through the foods we eat.

Our bodies actually MAKE glutathione.

Imagine that!

By the way, this is just one of the reasons why glutathione supplements that give your body glutathione are essentially worthless.

Much wiser to take a glutathione accelerator. Which means it helps your body to MAKE more glutathione.

Do you want some man-made glutathione which your body DOES NOT readily absorb anyways OR glutathione made within your own body?

There is only ONE glutathione accelerator PROVEN to work (in published double-blind placebo studies)in helping your body make almost 300% MORE glutathione rapidly!

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