Glutathione Cream or Glutathione Gels

glutathione cream, glutathione gel If you want a glutathione cream or a glutathione gel to raise your glutathione levels within your cells, you are going to be disappointed.

Glutathione is a highly sensitive molecule that is created within the cells. It is highly doubtful that the GSH in a cream will ever get into the cells.

Some say that because the cream bypasses the digestive system (unlike glutathione supplements), it is much more readily absorbed into the body.

Yes, that is good that it can bypass the digestive system, BUT, just because it is absorbing into the body does not mean that the glutathione in the cream is actually making it into every one of our trillions of cells.

There are no studies to even prove or show how much glutathione actually gets into the cells from a cream or gel.

Plus, many active ingredients, such as glutathione, decompose, either gradually or rapidly, when added to gels or creams!

By the time you get the cream or gel to your house, some (if not all) of the glutathione in it may have already decomposed.

To use the cream, depending on which creams and gels you get, you may have to apply twice a day to certain areas. Also, in some creams, you are given a gel and a cream to mix together, then apply.

Bottom line:

1) Effectiveness--None

2) Convenience--Somewhat inconvenient

3) Side Effects--Minimal, possible rashes

4) Cost--Varies

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