Free MaxGXL for You!

Free MaxGXL! (including shipping!) Really? What's the catch you say?

No catch! This is simply a promotion for my brand-new customers!

When you place an order of at least 1 month of MaxGXL and sign up as a Preferred Customer(for 3 months minimum), I will ship to you (at my expense) a full 1 week supply of MaxGXL along with other some other free gifts and information!

This ends up being about $39.00 (for the week supply of MaxGXL plus the other surprise items plus the shipping supplies and charges!)

Why would I do that? After all, these are tough times, right?

Well, yes they are! But I also know that there is no other product out there that will raise your glutathione levels so powerfully and rapidly as MaxGXL. Studies prove it!

When you order a box of MaxGXL under my distributor #38342, I will receive a check for $17.50.

(Every box of MaxGXL that is purchased every single month leads to a 25% commission for the distributor.)

You may be thinking, "O.K. but the $17.50 still does not equal the $39.00 in freebies!"

That is true, however, I am asking for you to make a 3-month commitment to MaxGXL.

I chose three months because after three months your glutathione levels should be where they needed to be at all along.

And for those of you doing the math in your head 3 x $17.50 = $52.50 then, $52.50 - $39.00 = $13.50

"What!" you say, "You are going to send me free MaxGXL plus gifts and provide support (by phone or/and email) and answer all of my questions along the way as I improve my health by raising my glutathione levels, all for a measly $13.50?"

Yes, I am. Here is why:

I know MaxGXL works in raising your glutathione levels like nobody's business.

I know that if you are consistent for a minimum of three months you will experience many of the benefits that come with high GSH levels.

I know you may continue past the three months and you may even tell others along the way.

And, I know that when people are healthy, their whole life changes. And that makes me feel good.

It makes me feel good that in some small way I helped make the world a better place by helping to improve the health of a fellow human being! And isn't that what it's really all about - loving and helping one another, or at least what it should be all about!

Now, I know some people may take advantage and just buy a month and then as soon as they get their free gifts, they will cancel their preferred customer status, breaking a promise to me.

Well, that is on them. And I feel sorry for them! That is a sad way to live. Eventually, we all get back what we put out there. We all really do reap what we sow!

So if you are ready to place your order go here!

If you still have some questions before you order, not answered anywhere else on my website, then, please go here

And if you have already placed your order, then fill out the form below. (Double-check that you type in your correct mailing address and contact information. Also, please make sure you have your order # so I can verify and send out your free gifts!)

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