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The "Free Magazines" offer is available to those who already read the Republic Magazine, issue # 13 and enjoyed it and want to help spread the truth!

If you have not read the magazine, you can get a FREE PDF download here: Health Freedom Truths

I personally love this magazine because it tells the truth and destroys the lies regarding health that are fed to us by mainstream media.

We have a responsibility to not only educate ourselves, but others as well.

Offering 5-10 free issues of this magazine is my way of doing that and "paying it forward".

If you buy one month of MaxGXL then I will send you 5 free copies of the Republic Magazine, issue 13.

If you buy two months of MaxGXL, I will send you 10 free copies!

3 or more boxes will get you 10 magazines PLUS a free week of MaxGXL!

All I ask is that you promise to pass out the magazines you get to help educate others.

Please note: I can only extend this offer to brand-new customers! (However, as my wonderful current customers and active distributors already know, they are getting or have already gotten a magazine for free from me.)

Everyone else, you can get a free download here! If you loved the magazine and want to support their efforts of educating people in protecting their rights and freedoms then please subscribe to their monthly magazine here: Republic Magazine

For those interested in this offer go here to purchase "the Max" and then come back here and fill out the form below! Thank you!

Free Magazines

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