Expired Supplements

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Most of us, at one point or other, have found ourselves with a bottle or box of expired supplements.

Maybe we stopped taking the supplement for awhile and by the time we got back to it, the expiration date had passed us by.

MaxWLX Expiration Date

Or perhaps you got a hold of a recently discontinued item which the remaining supply is quickly reaching expiration dates. (which has happened with Max International's MaxWLX)

Nobody wants to throw away money by throwing away supplements simply because of a date stamped on the box or bottle! So how safe and effective are supplements with an expired date?

To answer that, we must first understand what an expiration date is.

The expiration date is the last day a product, as guaranteed by the manufacturer, is at its highest level of potency. This does not mean they are not potent AFTER the expiration date, simply that the manufacturer no longer guarantees the potency.

For example, is a supplement more potent the day before the expiration date than the day after? Of course not

The FDA (Federal Drug Administration) does NOT even require expiration dates on vitamins or any other supplements.

Nevertheless, manufacturers like to stamp an expiration date on the bottle or box because they are then only responsible for the quality of the product up until the date of expiration (or Best Before date). Otherwise they would be responsible for the strength and quality of all their supplements in circulation, no matter how old.

Plus, stamping an expiration date ensures future sales. This happens because many overly cautious consumers throw away expired supplements and thus buy more to replace what they threw away.

Quality manufacturers (like Max International) test their products rigorously to determine an expiration date, HOWEVER, expiration dates tend to also be VERY conservative.

The higher the quality of the supplement the longer the supplement retains potency beyond the expiration.

Protect your investment by storing your high quality supplements properly: in a cool, dry place, out of the sunlight, and in their airtight containers--not in the refrigerator unless specified or recommended for your particular supplement. By storing properly, your supplements should retain potency years past the expiration date.

In summary, properly stored high-quality supplements can last over FOUR-FIVE years PAST the expiration date. The more moderate recommendation is TWO years past expiration.

Some high quality supplements stored properly have even lasted over ten years WITHOUT losing their potency.

Max NFuze gel Expiration Date

Please Note: An exception to this would be liquid or gel vitamins, such as the now discontinued Max N-Fuze Gel. They may only last a few months to a year after the "Best Before" date depending on how they are stored. Most are to be kept refrigerated for longer lasting potency. Max N-Fuze Gel were individually packaged which protected their potency.

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