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I decided to do this page for Dr Keller Tributes because on a regular basis I have people write to me their thoughts and sadness on the passing of Dr. Robert H. Keller.

I have gotten emails from people who knew him when they were former patients of his when he was practicing medicine, people who got to meet him, and especially from people who never got to meet him, still Dr. Keller made a difference in their lives, usually through his research and "baby" - MaxGXL!

I thank you all for your emails, they have all been so touching and real! I only wish others could read your tributes and stories as well! And now through this page they can.

Yet, I still debated whether to write this page or not, because for those that have been in the Max family for awhile, the initial shock and healing has taken place.

But then I noticed something. I still get emails about Dr. Keller, mostly from new Max International distributors from as far as the Philippines who are so excited about MaxGXL and the possibilities!

They watch videos seeing Dr. Keller speak and read the magazines and learn about this amazing man who formulated this amazing product and then they learn that Dr. Robert Keller, formulator of MaxGXL, is no longer with us. They then experience a sadness at the loss of such an inspirational man. They miss not having had the opportunity to meet him and thank him personally.

They tell me how they were comforted by my tribute to Dr. Robert Keller. They appreciate the answers to their questions I provide through this website on the death of Dr. Keller. They share their thoughts on the difference he has made in their lives through MaxGXL.

I clearly see how Dr. Keller's legacy will continue and only grow as MaxGXL's popularity grows. Dr. Keller, even in death, continues to touch lives!

The fact of the matter is...Dr. Keller YOU made a difference!

So here is a place where everyone and anyone who has been touched by the life of Dr. Robert H. Keller can leave their thoughts for others who come after to read and be comforted by!

Remembering and Celebrating the life of Dr. Robert H. Keller!

Share your own thoughts and/or memories about Dr. Keller!

Did you get to personally meet him? Tell us about it!

Never got the chance to meet him, but yet he still made a difference in your life? Please share!

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What Other Visitors Have Shared about Dr. Robert H. Keller!

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He gave his life while saving my son. 
Any parent, I'm sure, can just imagine the fear from the thought of potentially losing a child. In 2003, my wife and I laid to rest our 4 month old daughter. …

Aesthetician Thanks Dr. Keller 
I am so proud to be a part of Max International! I have seen so many of my friends along with myself improve our quality of life. Dr Keller, We thank …

Robert Keller: My Best Friend in College! 
I am so sorry to hear of Bob's (Dr. Robert Keller) passing! He was my roommate at Fordham University (Bronx, New York) and my best friend there. We …

Dr. Keller's special project 
I was shocked to discover that Dr. Keller died in June 2009. How tragic. You mention in your memorial letter about a new discovery that was just …

Thank You So Much Dr. Keller! 
I just want to thank Dr. Keller for all of his hard work and dedication in developing MaxGXL . There is no doubt that Dr. Keller's formula has changed …

Thank You, Dr. Keller! 
I would like to thank Dr. Keller for creating this wonderful marvel for people who want to feel great and at the same time provide a business opportunity …

Dr. Robert H. Keller died before my dream of meeting him came true. 
I was just so shocked and so depressed about his sudden death. I'm a MAX associate here in the Philippines and I just turned 18 this past June 8, 2009. …

Max International member Not rated yet
I am happy to see this link. I am John Timmermans of Calgary. Alberta. I think it was in 2006 I joined Max. I came to the Max convention with Arend …

He Saved my life! Not rated yet
I came to Doctor Keller at about 17 years old, when all the other doctors couldn't do anything. I am now 34 and have two healthy boys. His cocktail regimen …

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