My Dr Keller Tribute

Dr. Robert Keller Tribute

June 8, 2009

My personal Dr Keller Tribute

Today I learned some very sad news, Dr. Robert H. Keller passed away this past Friday, June 5, 2009. He was only 66 years young!

I am very saddened by this. I never got to meet Dr. Keller in person, however, today I miss him!

I never will forget his voice on every first Saturday of the month. I can still hear him say, "The fact of the matter is..."

Dr. Keller was and forever will be remembered as the man whose dedicated work improved the health of thousands (and one day millions) of people, thus changing their lives forever!

I am saddened by the fact that he will not see or hear the amazing stories yet to come about MaxGXL, "his baby"!

However, for those of us who saw the vision of Dr. Keller and Steven K. Scott, the sharing of MaxGXL now takes on a whole new meaning! As Dr. Keller said, "MaxGXL belongs in every medicine cabinet!"

Dr. Keller never set out to create MaxGXL for the sake of MaxGXL (like the copycat projects coming out of the woodwork). Dr. Keller was looking for a way to help his sickest of patients.

He could stop the illness from worsening with medication but he could not give them increased energy and vitality to LIVE. As he would always tell us, "You may have enough energy to work, but I want to know, do you have enough energy to play?"

As he studied all of his patients records and test results, he noticed how all of his patients, no matter their ailment from Cancer to Alzheimer's and from Diabetes to Aids, shared a common deficiency. They all had very low levels of glutathione.

And thus, his quest began! It took 10 years of trial and error and early versions of Max until the final product of "MaxGXL" as we know it today was made available in 2006. Max International was officially began in February 2007.

I am grateful for the fact that Dr. Robert H. Keller died young at an advanced age! He got to live a long and happy life surrounded by children and grandchildren. He got to work around great men such as Steven K. Scott and Greg Fullerton.

He was the man behind the amazing glutathione accelerator: MaxGXL! A product that has already changed hundreds of lives, mine and my loved ones included.

Finally, he got to die knowing that the world was a better place because he had been a part of it.

To Dr. Keller you are gone from this world, but I will meet you one day on the other side of eternity. I know you were a man of Faith and heard you countless times give the credit of your successes to God. I can only imagine the awe and joy you must be feeling at this moment now that you are in the presence of our heavenly Father.

To the family and friends of Dr. Keller, I want you to know that so many of us mourn the loss of Dr. Keller. This Dr Keller tribute is my way of expressing my sadness. Your pain is felt by more than you know. You are in my prayers. May our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ, comfort you in the days and months ahead. Remember that we are all just "passing through" in this world. Dr. Keller is finally home.

"For death begins with life's first breath and life begins at the touch of death" ~John Oxenham

Goodbye Dr. Keller!
The fact of the matter is.... I will miss you!

Marisela Gutierrez

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June 10, 2009 update: Thank you for all of your sweet emails. Here are more details and answered questions on the sad death of Dr Robert Keller

September 27, 2009 update: A place for all to celebrate and remember the life of Dr. Robert H. Keller is here.

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