Does MaxGXL work for everyone?

by Wendell B.
(Houston, TX)

Hi Marisela,

Has it ever happened that someone after 90 days of taking MaxGXL has not received any benefit? If yes, what could be the reason for this?



Great questions!

I have been taking MaxGXL for almost two years.

In that time, I have personally NEVER had anyone whom I have shared the product with AND who diligently took MaxGXL EVERY DAY for 90 days who did not receive any benefit.

Sometimes people, however, "thought" they had not felt anything.

If someone takes the MaxGXL for 90 days consistently and they tell me they have not felt anything, I tell them, "Ok, then stop taking the MaxGXL and tell me how you feel in a week"

A week later the aches and pains and low energy return and it is then that they realize how much of a difference the MaxGXL was actually making.

It is then that they appreciate the results they got in the first three months.

People notice when they feel pain and low energy, etc. but we can take for granted good health, stable energy, feeling good, etc.

That is why it is important to keep track of the changes you notice on a weekly basis.

A detoxification period (though can be uncomfortable) is also a benefit, as it is a cleansing, that once your body gets through it, will be much more healthy, vibrant, with much more energy!

In my experience, most people feel something within the first couple of weeks. By the second month most everyone has felt something.

People who truly do not notice anything at all after 90 days is usually because they weren't consistent in taking it (skipping days, forgetting to take it, etc).

Studies also show that 100% of the people taking the MaxGXL, after 90 days, had higher glutathione levels.

Remember to be patient and be consistent. Give your body a chance to use the increased glutathione where needed first. The increased health is well worth it!


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Glutathione quietly does its work, sometimes unnoticed
by: Laura

I agree with Marisela.

Glutathione's main benefits are Antioxidant, Immune System Optimizer, Detoxifier, Energy Restorer, and Anti Aging Protein.

Now, you don't wake up in the morning and say "I feel antioxidized today" or "I feel like my immune system is optimized today", do you? Of course you don't, these go on unnoticed for the most part until time passes.

It's true, you may or may not notice more energy, and you may notice you are going through detox, and have less aches and pains, but not everyone does. Does that mean that these 5 things are not going on?

Absolutely not. They are. We have over 90,000 studies on PubMed to assure you.

Glutathione's main role is to prevent problems before they occur. Most however are reactive, and it works reactively as well, but how much better to prevent than react. Everyone should be raising and sustaining their glutathione levels on a daily basis if you ask me. You would be crazy not to.

If you were on track to develop heart disease, a stroke, or cancer, which most of us are, you wouldn't know you dodged a bullet, but glutathione would quietly do its work in the background reversing the oxidative stress and DNA damage that directly contribute to these big killers.

I don't know about you, but I would like to delay these conditions for myself as long as possible. Wouldn't you?

So here's what I tell people: Will it help your sore knee, or your specific health complaint?

There's one way to find out- but what you can be sure of is that glutathione is food for your cells- you can't live without it, and whether or not you are aware of it, you are receiving tremendous benefit when you raise and sustain your glutathione levels. GSH knows what to do and gets busy doing it.

And it's a pleasure to meet you, Marisela, you have some great information here. From one SBIer to another, keep up your great work!

Fabulous Answer Laura!
by: Marisela

Thanks Laura for your comment!

Excellent points you made!

Like when the glutathione goes to work on the lining of your stomach as opposed to your back pain because your body, in it's innate intelligence, knows the stomach lining is more critical than the back pain.

However you cannot feel the lining in your stomach being repaired as opposed to less back pain.

Thank you again for your contribution and the compliments, Laura!!
It's a pleasure to meet you as well!

Hope you stop by again soon!


Great Answers!
by: Anonymous

I'm learning a lot from your comments and will talk about them and share this website with my customers!

I was already aware of the issue, but didn't have such great replies.

Monica Dawson shared the following (paraphrased) at a recent training session.

"My massage therapist had been taking Max GXL for a few weeks when I was finally able to schedule a massage.

I didn't ask her if she had noticed anything. Instead, while I was chatting with her I mentioned that some people who had just started taking MaxGXL had noticed a decreased need for a second cup of coffee in the morning.

Others had commented that they hadn't had that afternoon blah that we sometimes encounter after lunch.

Another, a close friend, told me that her hands didn't ache after making bread all day Saturday (the old fashioned way) like they used to ache afterwards.

My therapist said, rather surprised, "You know, if you had asked me if I had noticed any changes I'd have told you no, but, now that you mention it, I haven't had a second cup of coffee all week! And I think my hands do feel better after work and I have been busier this week than I have in a while. I guess it's working after all."

That said, sometimes we don't notice when pain stops, unless it's severe, until someone specifically asks about the pain.

If you are in "ok" shape, you may not notice anything, until you realize, as someone else mentioned, that you didn't catch that cold that ran through the office. Or that you are running faster/farther than you have before.

Be well, and again, Great questions and Great Answers!

Great story Anonymous!
by: Marisela

Thanks for sharing anonymous!

The story you shared reminds me of an experience I had with a close relative.

She is an elementary school teacher and used to have much lower energy.

I say "used to" because the first thing she would want to do after a day with a class of 30 or so 5th graders was to take a nap when she got home.

About a year ago, she decided to give the MaxGXL and Max N-Fuze a try.

Every so often I would ask her how she like the MaxGXL (and N-fuze). She would say that she hadn't really noticed anything.

About a few weeks after she began taking the MaxGXL she stopped needing to take naps and I noticed, as did other people around her, that she seemed "less moody" and even happier.

A month later she got a gym membership and actually hired a personal trainer and began working out on a regular basis.

That was a definite change for her, as she had NEVER been a person to workout on a regular basis. Much less hire a personal trainer which kept her having to workout.

Then soon after, she began taking Bible Study classes.

Then she began volunteering at the hospital again. Something she had not done since high school.

Finally, a couple of months after she began taking the MaxGXL, I asked her how she felt and she actually said, "I don't think the MaxGXL is working that much for me."

Considering she is family and I know her very well, I felt comfortable in saying something like this, "Well where do you believe that you got all this energy to get a gym membership and workout with a personal trainer and all the other things you are now doing?"

She was quiet and thought about it. She noticed the changes in her life but was in disbelief that a product like MaxGXL could have such a powerful impact. She had never known a nutritional supplement to be so effective like that.

Ultimately she decided to take me up on my challenge to stop taking the MaxGXL after at least three months of taking it consistenly.

So, after she had been taking the MaxGXL (and Max N-Fuze) for about four months she stopped. She said she really wanted to see the difference and "test it" that way.

Two weeks after she stopped taking the MaxGXL, she was needing to take naps again, stopped working out consistently, and stopped volunteering.

She promptly ordered more MaxGXL and Max N-Fuze!

MaxGXL is, without a doubt, in a class of its own!

I think sometimes it is hard for people to believe that a product (MaxGXL) is really that powerful and so it is hard for them to give credit where credit is due.

Plus glutathione, is still not very well known, so people don't know how vital, powerful, and critical this protein antioxidant is and how we are living in times where most everyone (if not everyone) is deficient to some degree.

Thank you anonymous again for contributing to this topic and for the compliments!

And yes, feel free to send your customers to this website!

Come back soon!


New customer
by: Sharon

I am a new customer (excited) about this new product Max GXL that I have been introduced to. I have tried SO many other over the counter vitamins and none have helped. I so eagerly want this to work for me!

Glutathione stopped after 6 months
by: Anonymous

One of my friends took MaxGXL for 6 months and decided that the slight benefits were not worth the cost and has since stopped the product. I have wondered how I would fair off the product but feel that it is working for me. The hardest part with the product is the cost. I started selling to get my dollar cost average down and hoped to make a go of the business but this stuff doesn't sell itself and few of the trial kits have met with huge success and it always comes back to the cost.
Nice idea and MAx ATP3 looks to be the next big thing but the cost, again, will be prohibitive to some.


You have a great site...great info!
Recovery after training was my ticket...amazing.
Me and Evander!@

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