Does MaxGXL help with anxiety?

by Diana

I suffer from anxiety, therefore cannot take caffeine as the higher heart rate causes me to have anxiety attacks.

I am interested in MaxGXL but am afraid that the energy it gives me will affect me (like caffeine affects me).

Does MaxGXL have the same effect as caffeine?

Or does it actually help with anxiety?


Hello Diana, thank you for your question!

MaxGXL does NOT have the same effect as caffeine.

First of all, MaxGXL does not contain any caffeine. MaxGXL simply gives your body the nutrients needed so your body can in turn elevate its glutathione levels, thus, your body itself produces more energy.

Higher energy levels is a byproduct of higher glutathione levels.

Secondly, the energy that is actually produced from your own body is very different from the "energy" that comes from an outside source, such as caffeine.

The energy coming from our own cells as your glutathione levels go up is a stable, calm energy.

I completely can relate to you, though. Even though I do not suffer from anxiety, I get jitters, shaky hands, and rapid heartbeat from caffeinated drinks and especially, those energy drinks--with only a few sips.

When I first began taking the MaxGXL, the energy I felt was wonderful, calm and enduring.

Completely different than the energy forced upon your body from caffeine and such.

MaxGXL does not cure anything, however, it may help with anxiety because it helps elevate your glutathione levels.

There are some interesting studies coming out regarding anxiety and glutathione.

You can also read about my friend, Peter, who suffered from anxiety for many years and his own personal experience with MaxGXL.

I applaud you for seeking answers to better your health.


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Nope! It's not Caffeine Style Energy:)
by: Jan Carlo Juaneza

Hello Diana,

Hi! How are you? I hope you've tried MAX GXL already:) Anyway if you still haven't I'll give you a reason why you should take it and why you shouldn't be afraid that it gives you any harmful effects like caffeine does:)

MAX GXL gives you real energy. Real Energy does not manifest or you can't feel it. You don't feel a boost, you don't feel jittery or whatever. You just NEVER GET TIRED! That's what real energy is.

MAX GXL helps increase your glutathione and in turn Glutathione helps produce your real energy called ATP.

So MAX GXL is really good for you plus the fact that it improves your heart function and other functions of your body. You're not only giving yourself the "real" energy that you need but you're also giving your body the health improvement it needs.

Another thing I'd like to show you is an illustration of how differently caffeine or any other energy boosting substance gives you energy compared to something that just naturally improves your production of energy like MAX GXL.

Energy levels before caffeine or other Energy Boosters:

30 Energy @ 7am__30 Energy @ 8am__30 Energy @ 9am

Energy Levels after caffeine or other energy boosters:

40 Energy @ 7am__40 Energy @ 8am__10 Energy @ 9am

* Have you noticed that although caffeine or other energy boosters give you a jolt of energy, it is only temporary, and you suddenly get drained after the jolt wears off. This is because your energy reserves are just being provided at the beginning and thus draining you're energy later on.

This is what happens when you take something that naturally increases your energy level:

Energy levels before natural energy production enhancers like MAX GXL:

30 Energy @ 7am__30 Energy @ 8am__30 Energy @ 9am

Energy Levels after natural energy production enhancers like MAX GXL:

40 Energy @ 7am__40 Energy @ 8am__40 Energy @ 9am and all throughout the day you're never going to go tired:)

That's about it:) Try MAX GXL! It's guaranteed to help you:)

-Jan Carlo Juaneza, Philippines

Great Explanation on Caffeine Jan Carlo!
by: Marisela

That was a perfectly illustrated answer Jan Carlo!

I like how it shows how, even though, caffeine does raise your energy levels (temporarily), AFTER the higher energy level has worn off, you are worse off than if you had not taken in some caffeine in the first place.

energy level 30 @ 9am without taking anything
energy level 10 @ 9am because of having taken in caffeine in morning.

With MaxGXL it's a whole different ballgame!
I will stick with my 40 energy level all day!

Thank you for contributing, Jan Carlo!


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