consumerlab seal Two glutathione boosting supplements have been given "CL approved" seal.

The is an established authority in identifying the best quality health and nutritional products through independent testing.

Here is what ConsumerLab has to say about its testing:

"ConsumerLab... offers the Athletic Banned Substances Screening Program to test dietary supplements, performance enhancement products, and other nutrition products for substances that could cause disqualification of athletes from Olympic and other competition.

It is the first comprehensive program to focus on supplements, as opposed to the downstream testing of body fluids from athletes.

The ConsumerLab... screening program includes testing for banned substances, including stimulants, narcotics, anabolic agents, diuretics, masking agents, and beta-blockers based on the Olympic Movement Anti-Doping Code or the codes of other sports associations."

MaxGXL and Immunocal have both passed the Athletic Banned Substance Screening Program from the ConsumerLab.

MaxGXL testing based on World Anti-Doping Code Prohibited list available in 2007.

Immunocal testing based on World Anti-Doping Code Prohibited list available in 2007.

You can see the results for yourself here: ConsumerLab

So both Immunocal and MaxGXL have passed the athletic banned substance screening program.

This basically means that athletes can supplement their diets with MaxGXL, for example, without being accused of taking "performance enhancers" and without fear of being disqualified.

So are you wondering what the differences between MaxGXL and Immunocal are? Is one better than the other? What do the studies show?

I will be adding a detailed comparison between MaxGXL and Immunocal on this site soon.

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