Can You Defend This? Oral glutathione vs. IV vs. MaxGXL

by Charles Meyer
(Houston, Texas, U.S.A.)

Your website claims that Glutathione via IV's does not work.

This implies that one can achieve the health benefits offered by glutathione by purchasing your product (MaxGXL).

Well, what about this comment from WebMD which claims that glutathione is not well absorbed when taken by mouth?

It seems to me that SS (Suzanne Somers) would not be doing the Glutathione IV's if they were not effective. And would Dr. Michael Galitzer (one of SS doctors) put his reputation on the line by appearing ignorant of this information?

Obviously, I must be missing something and am hoping you can put me straight by addressing these issues.

Thank you.

Charles Meyer.......Houston


Yes, Charles, I continue to stand by what I said about glutathione IV's being ineffective.

Glutathione from an IV does get into your bloodstream but the effects are limited as the cell cannot efficiently absorb the glutathione. (Please go here for more details: glutathione IV)

Plus, glutathione is an endogenous antioxidant (made by the body) so any glutathione that is taken (oral glutathione) or injected (IV glutathione) is artificial. Naturally, glutathione made by your own body is far more superior and many times more effective than artificial glutathione.

Yes, one can absolutely achieve the health benefits of glutathione by purchasing the product I recommend because it does NOT contain any glutathione whatsoever. It simply contains the "precursors" (or building blocks) needed by the body for the cells to make more glutathione. Which is why it is known as the glutathione accelerator. It has proven to be quite effective raising one's GSH levels (glutathione levels) by over 300%.

The comment from WebMD is accurate. It states:
"Glutathione is probably not well absorbed into the body when taken by mouth. One way to get around that is to take it by vein. A more practical solution is to take the precursors -- that is, the molecules the body needs to make glutathione -- rather than glutathione itself."

Exactly! And the product I recommend is NOT "glutathione taken by mouth" (Also known as: oral glutathione), but simply a supplement containing glutathione precursors. The more "practical" solution as WebMD states.

I am sure Suzanne Somers (SS) is gaining benefit from the IV glutathione she receives, however, the effects are mild in comparison to taking GSH precursors. (Many people who have done both can testify to that).

Suzanne Somers clearly trusts her doctor and has probably not done much, if any, research on glutathione precursors vs. injectable or IV glutathione herself. Just because she is a celebrity does not automatically mean she has all the information available regarding glutathione.

Her doctor, Dr. Michael Galitzer, is probably making his recommendations based on the (limited) information he has at hand. In the future he may change his mind, if he is open to learning more.

Furthermore, what are Dr. Galitzer's credentials?

Although Dr. Michael Galitzer may be a well-respected doctor by a celebrity, I doubt his credentials top those of Dr. Robert H. Keller, Dr. Herbert T. Nagasawa, or of Dr. Daria Davidson.

Lastly, although WebMD (surprisingly) had some information that was accurate on glutathione. I personally, would not do any research whatsoever, on that site for any of my health concerns, glutathione or otherwise.

Here is what other health enthusiasts had to say:

"WebMD is known in the industry as a "pill-pushing" health news site, and it offers a very conventional view (drugs, surgery, etc.) with only an occassional article offering positive information about naturopathic health treatments. Just look at the sponsors big pharma over at and that tells you everything you need to know about the credibility of their health news" -Organic Consumers Association (OCA)

Here are some excellent sites I recommend for natural and true, lasting health:

Interestingly, Natural News recently did an article on glutathione entitled, "Why it is Essential to Boost Glutathione and How to Naturally" and listed my site, this site you are reading now:, as a source for more information!

I hope I addressed all your issues thoroughly and please feel free to ask any further questions or leave additional comments! ~Marisela

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Yes! MaxGxl can be defended!
by: 22heal

Oral glutathione(GSH) is a protein and digested like a big steak. One study showed GSH stayed in the digestive system for 6 hours.

IV glutathione is expensive and has a three day half life. IV glutathione stays only in the blood stream.

MaxGxl uses N-Acetyl Cysteine(NAC) to get the fragile cysteine amino acid into the cell.

MaxOne uses riboceine to get cysteine into the cell.

The studies show that using MaxGxl or MaxOne will increase glutathione in all of the cells of your body by over 290%! This can be verified with a lymphocyte glutathione blood test.

The conclusion is that MaxGxl or MaxOne is the most efficient, cost effective, scientifically proven method of increasing glutathione in the cells where it is needed the most.

Great Contribution 22heal!
by: Marisela

You are absolutely right 22heal! Excellent points you added!

Thank you for contributing!

Come back and post anytime!

Sublingual Glutathione VS Oral Glutathione
by: josie

Hi there!

My friend has has polyps and often encounters episodes of stomach pains.

He's been taking MaxGXL for several months now. The pain has greatly diminished since he has been taking maxgxl. Maxgxl really is effective!

I was wondering if you had heard of sublingual glutathione. Is it better than oral glutathione?

Please respond. Thanks. Josie

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