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Congratulations! on choosing to move forward and buy MaxGXL!

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In the next 60 days and beyond you will notice so many differences as your body begins to make more glutathione in the cells!

You can either buy retail or wholesale! (Money-back guaranteed!)

Retail is $85.00 for a month supply! Plus shipping/handling and tax!

Wholesale is $69.00 for a month supply! Plus shipping/handling and tax!

That is a $16.00 savings!

Of course, most people want to buy it wholesale, but wonder,

"What are the "hidden charges?"

There are no hidden charges!

To purchase MaxGXL Wholesale you simply sign up as a "preferred customer".

To sign up as a Preferred Customer costs you nothing!

The ONLY requirement is that you do have to register to be on autoship!

Autoship simply means that Max International will ship the product to your front door every month automatically!--Which you can cancel at any time by contacting Max corporate customer service @ 801-316-6380.

That's it! There are no charges or hidden fees or contracts involved in signing up as a preferred customer!

Go here when you are ready to buy wholesale and register as a preferred customer!

My distributor/Sponsor I.D. # is 38342

Also, buy purchasing through me, I have a special gift I offer my new customers! Click here and learn more!

You can also sign up as a preferred customer by calling Max International at 801-316-6380.

You will need my distributor/Sponsor I.D. number. It is 38342

Make sure you get your order # and then go here and let me know your order # so I can send you a thank you gift of Free MaxGXL!

If you live outside of the United States, Canada, and the Philippines you can buy the MaxGXL here.

If, even though, you DO live in the United States, Canada, and the Philippines but do not want to sign up as a preferred customer and would rather just buy MaxGXL retail you can simply go here.

As you begin to experience the benefits of MaxGXL, you will likely want to share it with others.

If they would like to try MaxGXL for themselves please refer them to me by sending them here

(If you refer anyone, please let me know their name and order # (if you can) and as soon as they place an order and I verify it, I will send you a "thank you for the customer" gift!)

OR you can sign up as a distributor yourself and get financially compensated for referring others!

Refer 4 get your box of MaxGXL a month essentially for FREE!

If you would like to learn more about becoming a MaxGXL distributor please contact me so I can send you an informational packet!

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