Tips to Avoid Toxins

toxins, glutathione

What steps can you take to protect yourself from chemicals and avoid toxins that create free radicals and oxidative stress?

~How about eating locally-grown, organic food as often as possible by shopping at Farmer's Markets! Wise Choice!

~You can supplement that by growing some of your own food, even if you live in a small apartment. You can grow tomatoes, cucumbers, sweet strawberries, in containers. Nothing tastes quite as delicious as eating a salad grown in your own garden.

~Cook more often and eat out less (plus you will save lots of $$$).

~How about getting rid of those harmful cleaning chemicals?

For example, Chlorine.

Chlorine is a toxic gas that irritates the respiratory system. Chlorine decreases oxygen creating an anaerobic state in the body where cancerous cells thrive and proliferate.

Chlorine comes in through our water supply so use water and shower filters or better yet, install a whole house water filter.

Also, Don't use or buy Clorox. A much safer alternative is Hydrogen Peroxide!

Chlorine was the first killing agent used during World War I. During World War II, Nazi Scientists experimented with chlorine to take away life, whereas Hydrogen Peroxide was used by the American Soldiers to preserve life. What a difference!

I use hydrogen peroxide in my laundry and I have had stains come off shirts (that clorox never took off) while protecting the fabrics.

I also use Hydrogen Peroxide, White Vinegar and even lemon juice for cleaning and disinfecting.

cellular phone (cellphone) radiation

~Good old-fashioned landlines with corded phones are much better than today's toxic cellphones. However, getting rid of cellular or mobile phones is obviously not so practical in today's world BUT, we can neutralize the damage done by cellphones.

Headsets are not the solution. In fact, the bluetooth headsets are actually worse as they have been proven to actually increase the radiation to the brain. They may protect you while driving yet be frying your brain (the irony).

Better to transmute the hazardous EMFs from your phone into a beneficial field of protection. The Quantum Cell offers superior cell phone protection, because it grounds your nervous system into the earth’s electromagnetic field. Natural resonance is restored.

~Use high quality water filters and air filters

~Keep plants indoors to help clean air.

toxins, glutathione

Now, obviously, we cannot avoid toxins completely in our "modern" world. However, every little thing we do to reduce toxins does help.

As we know, toxins in the body create free radicals and free radicals (if not neutralized) will damage our organs and organ tissues which will lead to disease.

And we also know that the only thing that fights free radicals are antioxidants such as glutathione.

So the list above will help to reduce the amount of toxins (and free radicals), however, because of the overload of toxins, unless you live in a toxin-free paradise, you need to supplement your diet with high-quality supplements that will add to the antioxidant supply within your body and eat antioxidant-rich foods!

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