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An athlete gets incomparable benefits from glutathione!

Better workouts, faster recovery times, and improved athletic performance are just some of the benefits glutathione provides!

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Exercise increases our bodies need for more glutathione.

During a workout, the increased oxygen produces more free radicals. Our body then uses our antioxidant supply to neutralize these free radicals. This may deplete our glutathione supply.

One study showed that 90 minutes of exercise led to a 60% depletion of glutathione.

If the body isn’t supplied with more glutathione, then we will experience muscle fatigue, poor athletic performance, longer recovery times and be more susceptible to future injury.

However, by increasing our bodies glutathione levels, we can cut our recovery times in half and supply our muscle tissue with greater energy supply.

The benefits of increasing glutathione levels for all athletes, professional or not, are:

A rapid and stable increase in energy

Increases stamina and endurance

Lessens muscle fatigue and exhaustion

Improves cardiovascular function

Reduces lactic acid

Quickens recovery time

Strengthens the immune system

Protects your body from injury

Reduces muscle stress

Decreases inflammation

Feeds muscles

Maintains muscle growth

Noticeably improves athletic performance

Plus, if injury does occur, the increased glutathione levels, speed up the healing process.

For those who want a true edge over the competition, supplementing your diet with a glutathione-boosting supplement is a wise choice.

Two glutathione boosting supplements have been given "CL approved" seal. The is an established authority in identifying the best quality health and nutritional products through independent testing.

MaxGXL and Immunocal have both passed the Athletic Banned Substance Screening Program from

Many professional sports participants are truly astounded by the results they have gotten from MaxGXL!

Here is a local California professional boxer who was so impressed by the glutathione-boosting supplement he began to take that his own father began distributing it.

MaxGXL Sport, glutathione, athletes

As of September 2009, there is now
MaxGXL Sport that carries the
prestigious NSF Certified For Sport recognition!

This is the certification officially recognized by Major League Baseball (MLB), National Football League (NFL), Professional Golfers Association (PGA), and many others, including the Olympics.

Almost all people at the highest levels of athletics and sport understand that the "NSF Certified For Sport" certification is a seal of approval recognized throughout the world!

Thankfully, you don't have to be a professional participant of sports to experience the benefits that come from elevated levels of glutathione. Everyday people have noticed what MaxGXL and now MaxGXL Sport has done (and can do) for them in their workout routine!

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