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Why Pharmaceutical Medicines are a Bad Choice for Anxiety and Stress

More and more people are experiencing persistent anxiety and stress on a regular basis, and there are ample factors causing the increase in anxiety prevalence around the globe, all with millions of potential causes, some of which include:

• Nutrition – Without proper nutrition your body becomes stress, and when your body becomes stressed, your mind starts to be stressed too.

• Environment – Your body is dealing with toxins every day. Those toxins are creating long term consequences to your body's immune system and its ability to handle anxiety.

• Society – Society puts a lot of pressure on the modern day man and woman, and since anxiety is cumulative, that pressure starts to build.

You may deal with stress because you're stuck in a bad job, or deal with anxiety because you're having problems with those you care about. You may deal with anxiety because you don't have people around you to help you feel confidence, or you may suffer from anxiety simply because you were raised in an environment that fostered general stress and anxiousness. Whatever the reason, stress and anxiety are there, and they're affecting nearly everyone.

Manageable Vs. Unmanageable

Yet there is an issue of how manageable the anxiety is. "Unmanageable" would be best described as "unable to even get up in the morning without serious anxiety." Unmanageable anxiety is exceedingly rare, and often needs some type of professional intervention. Most people have manageable anxiety. Manageable anxiety allows you to go on with your day, but makes your day less enjoyable and makes it harder to find happiness in your life.

Pharmaceutical medications were never made for manageable anxiety. They were designed specifically for those that are essentially bedridden and unable to function without some type of medical assistance. That's why they have numerous side effects – for those that cannot get through a day without profound anxiety and panic, it makes some (though not much) sense to trade your physical health for your mental health.

But what of everyone else? For some reason, pharmaceutical companies have convinced mainstream doctors that these medications should be given to those with moderate or mild anxiety. That is not the case at all. Manageable anxiety is just that – manageable. It's not pleasant, it's not fun, and it certainly harms your quality of life, but it can be managed on a daily basis and you can get by. So why would you trade that for:

• Personality changes and depression.
• Cloudy mind and the inability to think clearly.
• Potentially serious toxins in your body.
• Damage to your organs.
• Dependency on these medications.

Why would you trade your manageable anxiety for a host of other problems that could affect your life even further? It's a trade off that does not make sense, which is why those that are experiencing stress, anxiety, and panic need to look for alternative solutions.

Finding An Alternative Solution to Pharmaceutical Medicines

No one likes to live with anxiety, because that anxiety affects your happiness, your confidence, and even your physical health every day. But no one that can manage their anxiety should be trading those symptoms for problems that are much, much worse. You wouldn't trade a cut on your toe for a knife wound to the stomach, and you shouldn't trade in your good health and happiness to get rid of something that you can manage.

What you need is to find a safe way to address your anxiety and panic – a way that will not cause all of those serious health problems, but still relieve your anxiety making it even easier to manage and helping you enjoy your life each and every passing day. That is why you need to find a natural and safe way to give yourself the extra help you need, rather than allow yourself to succumb to pharmaceutical marketing techniques.

Talk therapies can be helpful, but few people these days have the time and money to afford that luxury. If you're dealing with stress and anxiety regularly, you certainly don't want to add to that stress and anxiety by adding less time in the day and greater financial stress to your budget. The solution is to utilize effective natural anxiety treatments, like those with glutathione, which produces a relaxation effect that can easily help you deal with your anxiety even further.

But one thing should be absolutely clear – the pharmaceutical medicines designed for "treating" anxiety were not meant for you. They were meant for those that suffer so strongly from anxiety that are willing to trade their physical health for a chance of better managing their mental health, regardless of the potential physical (and mental) consequences. If you're like most people, you're not looking for someone to change who you are. You're looking for something to make managing your anxiety even easier so that you can live a happy and healthy life. That is not pharmaceutical medicine, and you should avoid buying into the drug propaganda.

About the Author: Ryan Rivera, a long time anxiety sufferer and advocate, has worked hard to present strategies for controlling anxiety that can be found at

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