Anxiety And Glutathione

anxiety cycle, anxiety and glutathione

There are some interesting studies that have been done that relate to anxiety and glutathione.

But before we go into that, let's talk about what anxiety is and what the causes are.

Anxiety is defined as a relatively permanent state of nervousness, worry and apprehension, that leads to depression and many times accompanied by compulsive behavior or attacks of panic (panic attacks, anxiety attacks).

The root causes for anxiety seem to be emotional. A traumatic event, such as divorce, death, rape, etc.

anxiety, anxiety and glutathione

What is known as, "Anxiety disorder", can be a build up, over time, of everyday stress from problems (financial, marital, relationship, etc.).

(Interesting also, how many adults who suffer from anxiety witnessed their parents divorce when they were children and grew up in divorced or/and unstable home environments.)

In today's world, we all can easily suffer from anxiety on some level, due to uncertain times, financial chaos, etc.

But for those whose high levels of anxiety affects their everyday life in debilitating ways, it is especially hard to function normally.

Thankfully, there are studies showing how by increasing your glutathione levels you can relieve feelings of anxiety.

mouse study glutathioneOne study involving mice reveals how glutathione enzymes affect genes that are now found to regulate anxiety. (enzymes not neurotransmitters/chemical imbalances.)(1)

Anxiety was first considered a disorder in 1980, now known as anxiety disorder. This happens to also be around the same time that brand new anti-depressants were introduced that could also treat anxiety. Wow! What are the chances of that?

Those drugs, including some newer ones, such as Paxil, Prozac, Cymbalta, Zoloft, etc. claim to treat anxiety by raising the level of certain neurotransmitters, therefore eliminating the anxiety (or depression).

Neurotransmitters are basically chemicals in the brain and nervous system that assist in nerve impulses (communication) between nerves, neurons, and cells.

However, there have yet to be any studies proving that the cause is from neurotransmitters(chemical imbalances).

There has yet to be a physical cause found for anxiety. It has been "believed" that low levels of certain neurotransmitters (chemical imbalances), such as serotonin, may "possibly" be the cause. Yet, the drugs that "may" help are rampantly prescribed for anxiety.

So there are no scientific facts backing up these drugs that are rampantly prescribed and yet they do have a myriad of so many side effects (including suicidal thoughts) and long term effects.

And now studies, like the one above (published in PubMed - see sources below), are revealing it was never neurotransmitters but enzymes.

neonatal chick study glutathioneAnother study involves some neonatal chicks (newborn baby chickens) that were placed in isolation which led to acute stressful conditions.

They were then given glutathione which visibly calmed them and quieted them down. It relaxed them so much that they now displayed sleep-like behavior, in complete contrast to the highly stressful behavior they had been displaying (imagine chicken without a head behavior, no pun-intended).

"In conclusion, glutathione and its derivative have sedative and hypnotic effects, and might be effective in improving psychic stress such as anxiety."(2)

anxiety help with glutathioneThere is great hope for those with anxiety
and glutathione is proving to show huge promise in helping those dealing with it.

You can go here for further learning about the sources of glutathione available.

Also, do not underestimate, how dealing with past emotional traumas, forgiveness, faith, and trying to reduce the stress in our everyday lives can help to prevent and relieve anxiety as well.

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(1)Glyoxalase 1 and glutathione reductase 1 regulate anxiety in mice.

(2)Intracerebroventricular injection of glutathione and its derivative induces sedative and hypnotic effects under an acute stress in neonatal chicks.

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